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Lotto 2 - [ANTIFONARIO] DE BRUGIS, Francesco (XV secolo). Antiphonarium. Venezia: Giunta, 1503 [WITH:] Psalterium nocturnum ac diurnum. Venezia: Giunta, 1505. Two illustrated post-incunabula in contemporary bindings, among the largest books at the time, with illuminated initials engraved from drawings by the celebrated Venetian miniaturist and georgrapher Benedetto Bordone (1450-1531), Although missing a number of pages of text, these two works are extremely scarce on the market and are the most complete sets to have appeared to date (RBH). The binding is very similar to that of the exemplars in the Biblioteca Marciana, suggesting that they were produced on the instructions of the publisher himself. The Antiphonary and the Psalter, edited by Francesco de Brugis, constitute the first major editions of Roman antiphonaries and became a model for all subsequent editions. 2 works in 4 volumes, atlas folio, (555 x 370mm). First work: 2 volumes; vol. I: ff. 1-189 (lacking ff. 190-199); vol. II: ff. 200-228, 230-287 (lacking ff. 229, 287-325, [1] ); Second work: 2 volumes, vol. I: ff. 1 ; 176 (lacking ff. 177, 178 ); vol. II: ff. 179-189, 195 ; 317 (lacking ff. 190 ; 194; without ff. 287 ; 294, omitted as an editorial error as in the register and in OPAC SBN). 6 large engraved initials in the first work and 15 in the second by Benedetto Bordone, text printed in red and black on strong paper (some light marginal waterstaining, small chips to margins of the first and last few leaves). Contemporary bindings in red calf over wooden boards (two volumes with large losses to boards due to worming; chipped, ties lacking). (4)

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Lotto 11 - [BOLOGNA] Lot of four works on the city of Bologna, printed between 1586 and 1666 SIGONIO, Carlo (1524-1584). De episcopis Bononiensibus libri quinque. Bologna: Benacci, 1586. 4to, (222 x 145 mm). allegorical vignette to title depicting St. Petronius and the arms of Bologna, and Cardinal Gabriele Paleotti; initials, head; and tailpieces (slightly browned, scattered foxing, some waterstaining to quires Kk, Nn, Rr). Contemporary binding in restored vellum, endpapers renewed, title inked to spine (some wear to boards). Provenance: some old underlining and annotations [IN LOT WITH:] VIZANI, Pompeo (1540-1607). Di Pompeo Vizani gentil'huomo bolognese. Bologna: Rossi, 1596. 4to, (205 x 141 mm). Head-and tailpieces, full-page allegorical vignette and engraved arms of the city in the text, printer's device to colophon (waterstains to several gatherings, some worming, some browning and spotting, inkstain to f. T7). Twentieth-century vellum-backed boards, gilt title to spine (partially detached). Provenance: early marginal annotation to f. Gg5; [IN LOT WITH:] BOMBACI Gasparo (1607-1676). Historie memorabili della città di Bologna. Bologna: Ferroni, 1666. 4to, (216 x 145 mm). initials, head; and tailpieces (two wormholes to the lower margin of the first few quires, some spotting). Bound in late 20th-century vellum-backed boards with marbled sides, trimmed, spine gilt, title gilt to spine. Provenance: A.R. Stiassi (ex libris). [IN LOTS WITH:] MASINI Antonio (1599 ; 1691). Bologna Perlustrata. Bologna: Benacci, 1666. 3 parts in one vol, 4to, (226 x 162 mm). Half-title, allegorical frontispiece, initials, head; and tailpieces, 9 illustrations to the text before the months, six plates illustrating the months with astronomical indications for the year and final map (some waterstains, browning and scattered foxing, a few marginal tears not touching text, repaired tears to ff. B3, Eee1, Kkk1, and Ll1 of third part, repaired tear to the final map). Vellum-backed boards, title gilt to spine (partially detached, some wear to boards). Provenance: old underlining and annotations in the margins; A.R. Stiassi (ex libris). (4)

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Lotto 17 - [KNIGHTS OF ST. STEPHEN]. Relazione della presa della fortezza, e porto di Seleucia, detta Agliman, in Caramania, e di due galere capitane, et altri vasselli turcheschi. Florence: Giunti, 1613. A scarce work (OPAC SBN finds two copies only) with Landau provenance and only one appearance at auction (RBH) documenting a victorious feat of the Knights of St. Stephen against the Ottomans: 'The assault from the sea on ancient Seleucia, today Silifke, in southern Anatolia, corresponded to the seizure and sacking of a mighty fortress already used by the Knights of St. John, and had such a wide resonance above all for the symbolic value of a large-scale military action conducted entirely on Turkish territory. Above all, it corresponded to the revenge of the Knights of St. Stephen and Cosimo II for an episode that was still bitter. In 1612, the Turks had beheaded 40 Tuscans from the ship Prospera, which had been lost on the Turkish coast, and had posted them above the walls of that fortress. Cosimo II had therefore sent an expedition the following year to avenge the disgrace'' (Ciappelli, La guerra di corsa delle galee toscane contro Turchi e Barbareschi nel Seicento, attraverso relazioni e relaciones a stampa, p. 147) 4to, (230 x 160mm). ff. 4, Medici arms to title (some spotting). Early 19th century binding in marbled paper with title on cartouche. Provenance: Horace de Landau (1824-1903); Later catalogue card from the first half of the 20th century. (1)

Stima 300 - 500 EUR

Lotto 40 - FRANCESETTI DI MEZZENILE, Luigi (1776-1850). Two autograph manuscripts and a printed copy of Lettres sur les vallees de Lanzo". Turin: Chirio et Mina, 1823. Important lot including the original manuscripts of the work dedicated to Lanzo Torinese and its valleys, the 'Valade 'd Lans', in the Piedmontese Graian Alps, between the Orco Valley to the north and the Susa Valley to the south. This is the first scientific description of the area, the result of research by Luigi Francesetti, a Piedmontese nobleman, who during his summer holidays in the castle of Mezzenile, made excursions with scientific instruments with which he made observations and measurements on rocks, local flora and fauna and the life of mountain folk. The 'lettres', dedicated and addressed to Countess Marina Nomis Cristiani di Ravarano, constitute an important document of Piedmontese history and provide a fresh and accurate description of the Lanzese valleys as used to be in the early 19th century. 3 volumes, 8vo, (228 x 158mm). printed volume: 12 lithographic plates protected by tissue guards (light spotting) Contemporary binding with calf spine [IN LOT WITH:] 'Lettres sur les vallees de Lanzo par Louis Francesetti Comte de Mezzenile' manuscript dated 1820, ff. 115. Contemporary half-calf binding, title giit to boards [IN LOT WITH:] 'Quelques lettres sur les trois vallees qui composent ce qu'on appelle comunement la valee de Lanzo' manuscript dated 1820, 105 leaves. Contemporary half-calf binding, title gilt to boards. (3) "

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Lotto 44 - [GENOA]. Lot of 4 works of the 16th-17th century with statutes and codes concerning Genoa and its government. 4 works: BELLONE, Marco Antonio (15th cent.). Decisiones Rotae Genuae de mercatura, et ad eam pertinentibus. Venice: Zenaro, 1606. 4to, (210 x 160mm). title-page vignette, initials, head-pieces, text in two columns (some spotting, burnhole to title-page without loss of text, gatherings X-Y-Z present, but misbound). Contemporary vellum binding, edges lettered in manuscript (some wear and some quires loose). Provenance: a few early notes; the lawyer Clemente Persico (ex libris) [IN LOT WITH:] Degli statuti civili della Serenissima Republica di Genoua. Genoa: Pavoni, 1613. 8vo, (291 x 190mm). arms of Genoa to title, initials, head; and tailpieces (spotting, some marginal waterstains, small holes affecting marginalia of f. I4). Contemporary vellum binding, title gilt to spine, speckled edges (some wear). Provenance: early marks of erasure, underlining, and marginal annotations; Giovan Battista Rovetti (nineteenth-century signature to title); lawyer Clemente Persico (ex libris). [IN LOTS WITH:] Statutorum civilium serenissimæ Reipublicæ Genuensis. Genoa: Calenzani, 1663. folio, (285 x 205mm). [BOUND WITH:] Leges novae reipublicae Genuen, Marco Antonio Belloni, 1576. Arms of Genoa to title and printer's device to colophon, initials, head; and tailpieces (spotting, small wormholes between a5 and a10 not touching text, a few marginal tears, hole with loss of some letters to R3 and tears and repairs to the second work). Bound in contemporary vellum, title inked to spine ( some individual quires loose and some wear). Provenance: old underlining and heavily annotated on interleaved white sheets, several ownership inscriptions to endpapers [BOUND WITH:] Criminalium iurium. Genoa: Guaschi, 1653. Folio, (295 x 206 mm). title-page vignette, initials, head-pieces and tail-pieces (a few spots, wormtracks not touching text to X4-Aa4 and Bb-Bb4, marginal tears to Lll-Lll2). Vellum binding (spine missing, some individual quires loose, lightly worn). Provenance: old underlining; signature on title page; the lawyer Clemente Persico (ex libris). (1)

Stima 300 - 500 EUR

Lotto 67 - [PIEDMONT - PUBLISHING] COARDI DI QUARTO (18th century); GAIUS PLINIUS, The Younger (62-114 AD). Panegyrique de Pline a Trajan en latin & en françois. Turin: François Mairesse, 1717. Beautiful set collecting the two preparatory manuscripts and the definitive printed edition of the French translation by Coardi di Quarto of the famous panegyric to Trajan by Pliny the Younger. The translation into French (rather than Italian), dedicated to the Prince of Piedmont (probably Charles Emmanuel III) did not please Antonio Muratori, who, thanking the translator for sending him a copy, wrote in a letter dated 18 June 1725: 'I have already joined the number of admirers of your happy genius.. and to give you an example of my true correspondence (after the sweet comes the bitter), I will also be pleased to give you an example of my true correspondence.. that I give you some criticism here .. for having written in French. I, as an Italian, feel a little gall in my heart when I see that an Italian cavalier, who could and should give glory to his homeland and to his own language.. wants to use his talent and style to enlarge a foreign nation that we ourselves have dearly loved for having driven out of Italy. It seems to me that this is a prostitution to those beyond the Alps and shows little love to our nation. I will add nothing more.'' Manuscript, (330 x 220mm), with autograph signature to the preface, in cursive script and with numerous manuscript correction slips in a beautiful calligraphic hand (slightly browned). Binding with the arms of the House of Savoy, gilt edges (some wear) [IN LOT WITH:] Panegyrique de Pline a Trajan en latin & en françois. 1703. Manuscript (420 x 285mm) Numerous corrections and variations (slightly browned). Contemporary full calf binding, spine gilt, title gilt to spine (some wear) [IN LOT WITH:] Panegyrique de Pline a Trajan en latin & en françois, Turin: Francois Mairesse, 1724. Folio ( 318 x 225mm). Contemporary binding, gilt title-piece to spine, speckled edges (some wear). (3)

Stima 500 - 800 EUR

Lotto 85 - BETTONI, Eugenio (1845-1898). Storia naturale degli uccelli che nidificano in Lombardia ad illustrazione della raccolta ornitologica dei fratelli Ercole ed Ernesto Turati. Milan: coi tipi del Pio Istituto del Patronato, 1865-1868. First edition, a larger copy than usual, with all the full-page plates bound in, of one of the most precious and scarce Italian ornithology books, printed in only 100 copies and the only work dedicated to the various species of birds nesting in Lombardy. The work is illustrated with 121 splendid coloured lithographs drawn and engraved by Oscar Dressler, depicting the birds at various ages and in their natural environment. Each plate is accompanied by a detailed description of the bird, its habits, singing and searching for food, nest, eggs and chicks. The description is preceded by a list of the birds' names: in Latin (the names given by different ornithologists), in Italian, and in Lombard dialect. At the end of the second volume, there is a detailed description of the birds' respective families. 2 parts in 3 volumes, folio, (560 x 345mm the first 2 volumes, 640x 490mm the third). 1 title page, 120 chromolithographic plates all full-page and a total of 195 text pages divided as follows: vol. I: 52 plates, title-page, half-title, chromolithographic frontispiece, 76 text leaves; vol. II: 53 plates, half-title, title-page, 106 text leaves; vol. III: 15 plates, 16 text sheets (light spotting). Contemporary half morocco binding, title gilt to spine (some dust-soiling, minor chipping). A diagram of the composition of the individual volumes with the sequence of the plates, the species represented and the relative number of explanation leaves is available on request. Provenance: Presentation of the work by bookseller Carlo Alberto Chiesa (1926-1998) dated December 1970 in pencil. (1)

Stima 8 000 - 12 000 EUR

Lotto 95 - MASCAGNI, Paolo (1755-1815). Anatomiae Universae...Icones. Pisa: Capurri, 1823-1833. A scarce and monumental work, a masterpiece of nineteenth-century anatomy. Paolo Mascagni was a renowned Tuscan anatomist and professor who distinguished himself in his attention to the depiction of the body, to such an extent that in 1813 he was appointed 'Professor of Anatomy of the First Class of the Arts of Drawing' at the Accademia di Firenze. The 'Anatomiae Universae Icones' was to be the culminating work of his career, but he died before it was published in 1815. It was his heirs in 1822 sold the previously completed copperplates, engraved by the anatomical illustrator Antonio Serantoni and the engraver Giuseppe Canacci, to the Pisan professors A. Vacca-Berlinghieri, G. Barzellotti, and G. Rosini, who edited the edition published in nine gatherings by the Pisan publisher Niccolò Capurro between 1823 and 1832. The sale price was impressive at the time, 1125 francs for the black-and-white version and 2500 francs for the coloured version. The forty-four coloured plates are hand-coloured and are accompanied by outline-only black-and-white plates that serve as a guide and explanation for reading the various anatomical parts, and the sheets are so large that a whole body can be composed from three of them. The muscles are drawn on a flesh-coloured pastel background, the internal organs faithfully represented: vessels and nerves are shown in red, blue and white. A unique work, a true masterpiece of anatomical illustration. Atlas folio, (945 x 680mm). Title-page and dedication to Leopold II, both engraved, 88 plates: 44 hand-coloured and 44 black-and-white combined (waterstains to outer margin occasionally affecting a limited portion of plates, foxing). Contemporary binding with calf spine, gilt titles and decoration, later endpapers (some light wear and waterstaining).(1)

Stima 15 000 - 25 000 EUR