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Copy on Japon with dispatch and handwritten musical staves POUEIGH (Jean Marie Octave Géraud) Popular songs from the French Pyrenees. Traditions, Moeurs, Usages. Tome Premier. Paris, Champion ; Auch, Cocharaux, 1926. In-8 square: XL, 464pp; one folding map in fine. One of the 7 first copies on Japon (no. 2) printed for Monsieur de Villemagne with a fine dispatch and an unpublished handwritten song. Brown chagrin, spine ribbed, gilt title and fillets, gilt lyre in central box, gilt roulette framing the boards. A good copy. Text, music and translation. An important work of which only the first volume has been published. Original edition reissued in 1933 by Bossuet with few additions for the first 2 chapters, but without the important chapters 3 and 4 devoted to love and marriage, i.e. nearly half the work (Labarère 1199). POUEIGH was born in Toulouse on February 24, 1876, and died in Olivet (Loiret) on October 14, 1958. Composer, musicologist, critic, folklorist and student at the Schola Cantorum in Paris, he composed chamber music including Rhapsodie des Pyrénées (1925) and Suite montagnarde (1926). His opera Perkain, based on a Basque legend by Pierre Harispe, was performed at the Opéra de Bordeaux in 1931, with sets and costumes by Ramiro Arrue, the same Arrue who fully illustrated his book "Le Folklore des Pays d'Oc" and the second edition of our "Chansons Populaires" (color cover, title and end-of-chapter vignettes). For the VIIIth Congrès d'Études Basques in 1954, he publishes "De la musique chez les Basques. Their popular songs and dances". As a critic, he had a lively controversy in 1917 with Erik Satie, who replied "Monsieur et cher ami, vous n'êtes qu'un cul, pire, un cul sans musique" (source Wikipedia).

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