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Drouot.com is the #1 auction marketplace in Continental Europe for art and collectibles.
More than 600 auctioneers worldwide promote their auctions using our database of French and international buyers.
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Drouot's sales in a
few numbers
Year 2022
714 partner
live and timed auctions
2.5M lots offered
for sale
auctions held at
Hôtel Drouot
44% of the business volume
is done outside of France
5.8M users
Average auctioned value
of a lot sold live

Our services for Auctioneers

Auctions at Hôtel Drouot

Organise your sale in one of Hôtel Drouot's 15 auction rooms!
Benefit from an average of 3,000 visitors per day and enjoy a range of logistical and digital services before, during and after the sale.

Live auctions

Stream your live auction online and on mobiles!
Manage your auctions with peace of mind: Live auction support available 7 days a week

Timed auctions

Discover timed auctions: no room rentals, simplified operational management.
Contact our team to get started.

Risk management

Reduce your non-payment risk. We provide a solution to secure your transactions: send an online payment form, define bidding limits and request upfront deposits.


Over 120 auctioneers have already entrusted us with the creation of their website using our budget controlled, turn-key solution.
Some references:
Aguttes , Pierre Bergé & Associés, Audap & Associés, Gros Delettrez, 2C Partenaires, Drouot Estimations

Advertising & webmarketing

Advertise your auctions online and in print with La Gazette-Drouot Magazine! Reach additional buyers and targeted prospects with our banner and email offers.

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