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Asian art

From India to Japan by way of China, Korea and the countries of south-east asia, asian art auctions provide a vast range of far eastern art.
Sculptures, paintings and objets d’art dating from the neolithic period to the present day can be found in online sales.
Particularly treasures from the middle kingdom. These include ceramics from china's tang and song dynasties, blue and white porcelain from the yuan, ming and qing dynasties, paintings from the tang dynasty, horses from the han and tang dynasties and a wealth of scholars' objects.
In asian art auctions, enthusiasts will also find buddhist gilt bronzes, japanese prints and lacquer objects, indian statuettes in bronze, korean ceramics and more.
Did you know? Boosted by the rapid emergence of major fortunes in china, asian art has been steadily on the rise since 2005, and the passion for things asian has galvanised the bidding from hong kong to paris.
For example, at the hôtel drouot in december 2016, a chinese imperial seal from the qianlong period (1736-1795), estimated at between €800,000 and €1 million, soared up to €21 boosted by the rapid emergence of major fortunes in million: a world record!


Recommended lots

NGUYEN TIEN CHUNG - NGUYEN TIEN CHUNG (1914-1976) « Jeunes filles » Panneau en laque polychrome, rehauts d'or et coquille d'oeuf représentant deux jeunes filles près d'un étang de lotus et nénuphars entourées d'une colombe, symbole de paix et branches de bambous sur fond violine. Signé en bas à gauche N. Chung et daté 52 Cartouche en laiton sur l'encadrement « Jeunes filles, Nguyen Tien Chung, professeur à l'école française des Beaux-Arts de Hanoï ». (Usures et salissures). A polychrome lacquer panel with gold and eggshell highlights representing two young girls near a pond of lotus and water lilies surrounded by a dove, symbol of peace and bamboo branches on a purple background. Signed lower left N. Chung and dated 52 . Brass cartouche on the frame "Jeunes filles, Nguyen Tien Chung, professeur à l'école française des des Beaux-Arts d'Hanoï. (Worn and soiled) Dim. H 60,5 x L 50 cm - H 23 7/8 x W 19 3/4 in. N.B. Nguyen Tien Chung est un artiste reconnu de la peinture moderne vietnamienne. Originaire d'Hanoï, Nguyen Tien Chung intègre l'École des Beaux-Arts d'Hanoï après avoir brillamment réussi le concours en 1936. Par son talent, il se démarque en maître incontesté de la peinture sur soie et réalise également de nombreuses oeuvres faisant usage du laque, de l'huile et de l'encre…Ses réalisations poétiques et bucoliques sont une ode à la beauté de la nature. PROVENANCE : Collection du Colonel René Boutteçon Militaire de carrière, le Colonel Boutteçon est envoyé au Vietnam comme Chef de bataillon du Génie pour superviser de nombreux travaux d'infrastructures réalisés par la France. Il passe 23 mois au Vietnam et en profite pour rencontrer des artistes Vietnamiens comme TRAN Phuc Duyen et Nguyen Tien Chun à Hanoï. A cette occasion, il achète des laques et des objets d'art du Vietnam et de Chine qu'il ramènera en France.

Estim. 8,000 - 12,000 EUR

CHINESE HAN DYNASTY STONE RELIEF WITH DRAGON - Ca. 202 BC-220 AD. A beautiful rectangular stone relief depicting a dragon in left profile with a high-arched tail. A short beard extends from the lower jaw of the open mouth of the dragon. The prominent eyes are set below finely incised brows and a pair of slender horns swept back above a rounded ear on either side of the neck, which is finely detailed with small feather-like scales, as are the upswept wings. The back of the relief is unworked, suggesting that in its original context, this relief was meant to be seen only from the front. Good condition. Believed to bring good luck and represent peace, courage, and wisdom, dragons were considered auspicious symbols in the Han dynasty and came to be associated with imperial power. The Han Dynasty, which ruled between 202 BC-220 AD, brought great prosperity and stability to China, reigning over a golden age of classical Chinese civilisation during which China saw major advances including the widespread development of a monetary economy and the invention of paper, as well as much progress in the decorative arts. For more information about the Han Dynasty, see Milleker, Elizabeth J. (ed.) (2000). The Year One: Art of the Ancient World East and West. Exhibition catalogue. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art. Size: L:710mm / W:520mm ; 50+kg Provenance: From the private collection of a Somerset gentleman; previously in an old British collection, formed in the 1990s on the UK /European art markets.

Estim. 6,000 - 9,000 GBP