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OSCAR JESPERS (1887-1970) - 'Landkaart van België', 1935. Design in plaster for monumental relief sculpture (basswood, polychromed, 400 x 1200 cm) commissioned by SNCB Brussels. Provenance: Oscar Jespers, late 1960s J van den Eede, Deputy Administrator Sociale Dienst Vlaams Economisch verbond Antwerp as a gift from the artist SD Worx, Brouwersvliet Antwerp Expo: Brussels, 1935, World's Fair, designed for Victor Bourgeois' model station commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Antwerp, 1935, 303 Brussels, 1952, De monumentale kunst, 44 Commissioned by the Belgian government, Oscar Jespers cut a four-by-twelve-meter 'map of Belgium' in basswood for the 1935 World's Fair in Brussels. The giant bas-relief, which he polychromed, was placed in architect Victor Bourgeois' model station. Probably geographical maps with relief drawing provided direct inspiration for the present work. Jespers concisely depicted the cultural and economic history of his country. The composition is defined by two diagonals that separate High, Central and Low Belgium. To characterize a city or region, the sculptor chose a symbol. Thus, the region between Spa and Namur is represented by a hunter and St. Hubertus, Ostend by sunbathers, Antwerp by the Boerentoren, among others. Literature: J.Boyens 1982, p.194-195 Resale rights applicable. 100 x 300 x 17 cm (126 x 310 x 19 cm (met houten frame/ avec châssis en bois)) Lit.: J. Milo, Les Beaux-Arts 1934, nr.142, p. 15 ill; Y. Mareska, Revue du Touring Club de Belgique 1935, nr. 10, p. 147, (ill) p. 146; J. Boyens 1982, p. 194-195 (ill.), J. Boyens 2013, p. 392-393, 162 (ill)

Estim. 3,000 - 5,000 EUR