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AFTER JACOB, PULPIT BED, EMPIRE PERIOD in mahogany, mahogany veneer and gilt bronze. The headboards are straight. The uprights, higher at the back, are in the form of stylized Corinthian columns, ringed at the base, and surmounted by covered vases. The bed rests on castors and features an unidentified fire mark. (Two rear cassolettes and the wooden element supporting them need to be reattached; accidents, missing parts, wear and tear and minor restorations). A 19th century Empire period Pulpit bed from a Jacob model 151 x 202,50 x 146,50 CM - 59,4 x 79,7 x 57,7 IN Account (1) of one of the château's owners, in 1827, present at the time when Jérôme Bonaparte, King of Westphalia, under the name of Monsieur Garnier, found refuge in this estate after the Hundred Days. The prince stayed in the room where this bed was part of the furnishings. "The King of Westphalia's luggage was dispatched to Douy, and the Prince arrived in the evening, unaccompanied and under the name of Monsieur Garnier, a merchant.... several days passed in the midst of my brother's attentive care for the solitary traveler, plunged into a gloomy mood heightened by the isolation... for a great movement of... obliged the prince to keep strictly to the room and to take his meals there too. A room is a very small space for a man who has possessed a kingdom, however small it may have been..." 1 - Mémoires de G-J Ouvrard sur sa vie et ses diverses opérations financières, Paris 1827, Moutardier Ed. tome III, p. 71-72

Estim. 550 - 800 EUR