Works of art

To transform your interior, decorative arts auctions provide functional ornamental objects in various materials including bronze, wood, ceramics, glass, metal, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell, ivory and textile.
“When you can't change the world, change your surroundings," wrote Daniel Pennac. Online decorative arts auctions feature ornamental objects produced by fine bronze-makers, cabinetmakers, ceramicists, glass-makers, silversmiths and tapestry-makers, which include modern and antique frames, caskets and boxes, mirrors, vases, showcase items, carpets and tapestries.
The ornament triumphs in carved gilt wood mirrors, glass vases by emile gallé and daum, and printed textiles by William Morris. Art nouveau, art deco and arts and crafts combine the beautiful and the useful in items featuring in these decorative arts auctions, which encompass contemporary design.
Did you know ? One of the ancestors of the jewellery box is the reliquary: a large richly ornamented casket in stone, wood or metal designed to containing the body or relics of a saint.


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