They may not strike money, but numismatics auctions certainly strike gold in terms of the magnificent collectors' coins and notes they propose, as well as gold and silver ingots.
These online numismatic sales cash in on twenty-eight centuries of coins from many a realm, ranging from antique specimens to silver euros.
Collectors of medals, cash and ancient or contemporary coins can find écus, louis d’or, napoléons, gold pieces from 5 to 100 francs and banknotes from france and elsewhere.the entry ticket is reasonable: for around a hundred euros, you can buy a wide choice of interesting coins in these auctions, such as silver 5-franc pieces, or gold 20-franc pieces issued during the directoire period.
And, "for a few dollars more", you can obtain remarkable gold roman coins, rare gold ducats, napoleon iii 100-franc pieces or 40-franc pieces from 1839 (the last year they were minted).
Did you know? In france, the condition of coins is measured on a scale of 8 grades, ranging from "good" to "mint condition". "fine" is the minimum grade, according to numismatics while they may not strike experts.


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