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Lot 647 - ARTAUD ANTONIN: (1896-1948) - ARTAUD ANTONIN: (1896-1948) French theatre director, actor and dramatist, considered a major figure of the European avant-garde. A.L.S., Antonin Artaud, two pages, 4to, n.p., 22nd February 1946, to Mrs. Jean Paulhan ('Chere amie'), in French. Artaud writes in response to his correspondent's recommendation to contact a Dr. Borel who had indicated that he would admit Artaud to his nursing home on Rue Boileau at a cost of between 90 and 100 francs per day, remarking 'J'y resterai entre huit et dix jours. Il y'aurait des frais en plus......Je crois qu'ils s'attendent a ce quel'on paye d'avance, mais vous verrez vous-meme avec cette personne et me direz quand je pourrai rentrer. Pour l'hopital, il y a dans un hopital quel chose de si demoralisant, que chez un homme en plus demoralise le sejour y devient intenable au bout de quelques jours, et en general on abandonne et tout est a recommencer' (Translation: 'I will stay there for between eight and ten days. There would be extra costs...... I think they expect us to pay in advance, but you can see for yourself with this person and tell me when I can go back. As for the hospital, there's something so demoralising about a hospital, that in a man who's even more demoralised, the stay there becomes unbearable after a few days, and generally you give up and have to start all over again'). Some very light, extremely minor age wear and a couple of small, neat tears to the upper and lower left edges, otherwise VG Germaine Paulhan (1885-1976) Second wife of Jean Paulhan (1884-1968) French writer, literary critic and publisher. Germaine worked with Jean whilst he was director of the literary magazine Nouvelle Revue Francaise and she played a central role in serving other writers. They were married in 1933. In 1946 an auction was arranged for the benefit of Artaud by the Friends of Antonin Artaud’s Support Committee which was chaired by Jean Paulhan and the committee's secretary was Jean Dubuffet.

Estim. 2 000 - 3 000 EUR

Lot 668 - MARX GROUCHO: (1890-1977) - MARX GROUCHO: (1890-1977) American film comedian, one of the Marx Brothers, and the recipient of an Honorary Academy Award. A good T.L.S., Groucho, one page, 4to, New York, n.d. (1933/34), to ´Dear Svensk, Kids and Mother´, on the printed stationery of the Hotel Elysee. Marx writes a social letter, largely concerning his friend Harry Ruby and their first wife Chloe ´Cleo´ Carter, commencing ´You certainly are full of that Ruby - Cleo case. Possibly because you are there on the ground. I don´t care anything about it one way or another. I regret it happening, I am sorry for both of them, outside of that, the hell with it. I am glad you befriended Cleo, whether she is guilty of sexual indescretions (sic) or not, I don´t think that´s important, most everyone goes a little cockeyed on the little matter of sex, and I think it was poor judgement and bad taste for Harry to shout if (sic) from the housetops, if that is what he did´, further adding ´I don´t believe he is responsible for what he is saying, I think he is temporarily deranged. I privately think he is making all the noise because he fears that if he doesn´t Cleo will nick him financially´. Marx further writes of his current work, ´We are scheduled to audition next Thursday, but we as yet haven´t an idea that is going to make a sponsor throw his hat up in the air with glee. We are meeting again this morning to see if we can´t work out something that will be worth hearing, if we don´t the thing will fall through, and us with it´, before concluding ´I went to the fights last night and had a pretty good time. The night previous when you phoned me, I was very nervous and couldn´t sleep, finally winding up with a five grainer, the first in weeks. Last night I took a pine needle bath right after the fights and slept pretty well. I wrote you all the news yesterday and this is just velvet´. A letter of particularly candid content. Two small tears to the edges, otherwise VG Harry Ruby (1895-1974) American pianist, composer, songwriter and screenwriter. A close friend of Groucho, Ruby composed the scores and provided musical numbers for the Marx Brothers´ films Animal Crackers (1930), Horse Feathers (1932) and Duck Soup (1933), as well as also contributing to the screenplays of all three movies. Chloe Carter (1903-1993) American showgirl and Music Hall dancer, also known by her stage name Cleo Cullen. Carter had married Ruby in 1930 and the couple moved to Beverly Hills where, in 1933, Cleo was introduced to the actress Jean Acker (1892-1978) who had been divorced from Rudolph Valentino in 1923. The two women fell in love and in 1934 (presumably around the time of the present letter) Carter obtained a dvorce from Ruby. Carter and Acker would spend the rest of their lives together living in an apartment within a building they owned in Beverly Hills. The fights that Marx refers to attending are likely to have involved Primo Carnera, either in his Heavyweight victory over Jack Sharkey on 29th June 1933, or his subsequent loss to Max Baer on 14th June 1934. Both events took place at the Madison Square Garden Bowl in Queens, New York.

Estim. 1 500 - 2 000 EUR

Lot 692 - CRAWFORD JOAN: (1905-1977) - CRAWFORD JOAN: (1905-1977) American actress, Academy Award winner. Small collection of four T.Ls.S., Joan, five pages (total), 8vo, n.p., April 1968 - April 1969, all to J. Fred Johnson. Crawford writes a series of social letters to her devoted fan and friend, making references to a number of film stars, in part, ´I´m so pleased that you liked "Berserk".....I´m quite delighted about the whole thing. It´s doing very well at the box office. I´m glad that you were able to see the Joey Bishop Show and Lucille Ball´s show when I was on them......How nice that you had such fun with Barbara Britton when she was in Baltimore. She is a lovely, beautiful girl. And I´m glad that you met Melvyn Douglas. I made four films with him years ago at Metro, and he was always a joy to work with - so professional and so pleasant. He´s a brilliant actor´ (22nd April 1968), ´I´m so happy that you visited with Fay Wray, Peggy Lee, Barbara Britton and her husband. You are so enthusiastic about "people", and I am sure that effervescence charmed them......Yes, I did break one ankle and sprained the other, but all is well now, and I am back on my feet. The accident happened two months ago´ (28th June 1968), ´Thank you....for sending me your column "Showtime", containing your review of Lawrence Quirk´s book "The Films of Joan Crawford". I am so deeply grateful to you, Fred, for all of your nice comments about me - how good of you to write so glowingly about me and my films´ (26th December 1968; accompanied by a copy of the newspaper column referred to), ´Your article about Boris Karloff is an excellent one. He was a lovely, gentle man, and a brilliant artist. I´m glad that you saw his talents, and have praised him so highly. Did you send a copy of your tribute to Mrs. Karloff? I know she would love to have a copy´ (7th April 1969). Some very light, extremely minor age wear and a few small traces of former mounting to the versos, VG, 4 + 1

Estim. 100 - 150 EUR