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Lot 458 - Dix, Otto ; Lentulov, Aristarkh - 16 posters about exhibitions, concerts, etc. Ca. 1970-1990 Various sizes (most of them sl. wrinkled). 1. Uarda/ Lundersiskt. Studentspex (folds, some tears on the left part). - 2. schubertiade/ Bulle/ 2-3-4 88. S.l., s.n., 1988 (folds, some tears on the left part, strengthening pieces on verso). - 3 Eine grade Linke/ für den Sozialismus (small tears on the lower left corner, strengthening pieces on verso). - 4 Peter Bömmels: Haarbilder/ 12.V-21.VI.1983/ Galerie Paul Maenz/ Köln (folds). Printed text about Peter Bömmels on verso. - 5 Dix, Otto - Neue Sachlichkeit/ and German Realism of the Twenties// Hayward Gallery London/ 11 November 1978-14 January 1979. Leicester, London, Raithby, Lawrence and Co, 1978. - 6. Lelio// Hector Berlioz/ ab 9. Januar 1980 Oper Frankfurt. - 7. Georg Friedrich Händel/ Giulio Cesare/ Premiere 30 April 1978/ Leitung Harnoncourt. Zankl. Wonder. Herzog (strengthening piece on verso). - 8 Rainer, Arnulf - Europalia 87 Österreich// Arnulf Rainer/ Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique [...]. Austria, F. Sochor, Zell am See, 1987. Signed in the plate (small tears on the left part, strengthening pieces on verso). - 9 Biene/ feinste Boden - und/ Linoleum - Wichse// Parket-Biene. Stuttgart, Offsetdruck Haufler & Wiest (strengthening piece on verso). - 10. November 4-30, 1950// Vera v. Reitzenstein/ Hanns Studer/ Hanspeter Wyss// Galerie d'Art Moderne Bale (small stain on the pl.). - 11. Art/ 7'76// Basel 16.-21.6.1976// Le Salon International d'Art (large lack on the upper right corner). - 12. klimt. Schiele/ Kokoschka// Werken op papier/ Paleis voor Schone Kunsten Brussel/ 4.4-17.5.1981 (folds, small tears in the margins, strengthening pieces on verso). - 13. Lentulov, Aristarkh - Muutoksen Aika 1905-1930/ Förändringens Tid - Time of change [...]/ 8.4-29-5.1988[...]/ Helsinki Art Hall (folds, strengthening piece on verso). - 14. Joseph Haydn/ 1732-1809/ Missa Sanctae Caeciliae (Cäcilien-Messe)/ Symphony Nr 94 G-Dur "mit dem Paukenschlag" (folds, small lacks of paper). - 15-16. 4 Europäische Graphik - Biennale/ Baden-Baden 5.Mai - 30.Juni 1985/ Alter Bahnhod-Täglich 10-19 uhr. 2 ex. with 10 ill. on verso (folds).

Estim. 150 - 200 EUR

Lot 500 - Obozinski, Yvan - OBOZINSKI, Yvan Tandonderhoud/ Eukalos// Pastei Poeder Elixir. Brussels Imp. J. E. Goossens [1928] Chromolith. 89 x 65 cm, signed in the lower right corner (some folds, sm. holes and strengthening pieces on verso). Advertisement for a toothpaste brand, evocated by the colours fulfilling its name, and figurating a smiling face in a style inspired by Art Deco. Joined: 9 posters, mostly about exhibitions, various technics and formats (most of them with some folds, sm. tears and strengthening pieces on verso): 1. Triumph. S.l., s.n., s.d. - 2. Reconnaissance Immédiate/ de la République/ Populaire de Chine. Liège, Maurice Delogne, [1963?] La voix du Peuple, mentioned in a corner of the poster, was a weekly newspaper published by the Parti Communiste Belge (1963-1967). - 3 Vrouwen/ stem/ voor Europa// Eerste Europese Verkiezingen: 10 juni 1979. Mariakerke-Gent, Vanmelle, 1979. - 4 Roata// "Éléments pour une cathédrale possible"/ September 27 - October 15/ Galerie Jan De Maere & Ozenne. Paris, s.n., s.d. 68 x 40 cm (folds, some strengthening pieces on verso). - 5. Félicien Rops// Musée d'Ixelles/ Museum van Elsene. 48.5 x 24 cm. - 6 Cappiello/ 1875-1942// Paris/ Grand Palais/ April 4/ June 29/ 1981// Caricatures/ posters. Paris, Spadem, 1981. - 7 From Ensor to Delvaux. In Japan, 2001. - 8. August 5*30, 1982/ Briançon/ Chapelle des Recollets/ Painting exhibition. S.l., s.n., n.d. - 9. Miró, Joan - Casino Knokke-Heist, 27/6-29/8/1971 (10 pcs)

Estim. 120 - 150 EUR

Lot 518 - Travel album to China. 1930-1932 C. 190 silver prints and some other cutouts and postcards, diff. sizes, tipped-in, ms. legends and doodling. Obl. 4to ad hoc album in purple velvet. Travel accounts to Indochina with the S.S. Amboise (7/11/1930-20/9/1931), to Japan with the S.S. André Lebon (13/1/1931-15/4/1932) and another to Japan with the S.S. Felix Roussel (1/10/1931-9/1/1932). With images of the Strait of Messina with the Stromboli; Port Saïd (docks, street, horse streetcar); the Suez Canal; Egypt (Cairo, sphinx, Great Pyramid of Giza); the Red Sea; Djibouti (palace, streets, marketplace, Hamoudi Mosque); Ceylon (coast of Colombo, Kandy Lake, Temple of the Tooth); Puducherry (vegetation, coast of Coromandel, embarkment of goods, remains of Hindu sanctuaries, indigenous people); Madras (street, temple of Shiva, sacred baths); Singapore; Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon); Haiphong (Phả Lại); Hong Kong; Changai; the Sino-Japanese conflict, American warships, the defense of the Shanghai French Concession (foreign concession in Shanghai, from 1849 until 1943, which progressively expanded in the late 19th and early 20th c.); Chapei (Changai) after the Japanese bombardment, Japan (Mount Fuji); Kobe (panorama, streets, temple), Yokohama (street scenes, japanese girls), Kamakura (staircase, giant Buddha, torii); Nara (Nikko temple, sacred isle of Enoshima, Kōfuku-ji), Temple of Kinkaku-ji in Tokyo, Itsukushima Shrine on the island of Itsukushima (Tōdai-ji Buddhist temple, Kasuga-taisha Shinto shrine, Kōfuku-ji Buddhist temple), Mount Wakakusa, etc.

Estim. 600 - 800 EUR

Lot 520 - Keym, Édouard - "1858-1883. To Monsieur Ferdinand de l'Eau d'Andrimont, president of the Association pour secourir les pauvres honteux". [Brussels 1883] In-f. obl., 33 x 39.5 cm: [3] ff. of ms. text in French; 59 portraits, including 2 14 x 9.5 cm, most ± 8.5 x 5.5 cm, printed in sepia on albumen paper mounted on 40 white boards and framed with Indian ink fillets, most with aut. signature of the person depicted. Red chagrin s. J. Schavye, bookbinder to H.M. the King, Brussels, wide rolled border, gilt fillets and spandrels around boards, large gilt mosaic coat of arms on upper board, gilt ribbed spine, gilt roul. on edges, long-grain green morocco linings with wide dent. and semé de points et fleurettes gilded and surrounded by gilt fillets and roul., bottle-green tabis endpapers, gilt tr. (min. epidermure on edge of upper cover, slight black trace on lower cover, spines, covers and edges slightly rubbed). In original green chagrined percaline case decorated with a gilt frame and a dedication in gilt letters "A Monsieur F. de l'Eau d'Andrimont" (wear to spines and corners, edges split on sides). Nice copy. Luxurious album offered on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the presidency of this Brussels philanthropic society, preceded by a signed dedication-title f. "Les administrateurs et visiteurs" and the speech of vice-president Ernest Reisse, all carefully calligraphed. The 59 portraits represent all the members of the association, founded in 1853 to provide financial assistance to people in difficulty belonging to the middle classes: small shopkeepers and craftsmen, commercial or administrative employees. Names include L. van Schelle, J. Teurlings, L. Chomé, J. Didisheim, A. Dupuis, Victor Hellemans, L. Raskin, V. Van Hove, J. Wouters, etc. Enriched with 1 flying portrait, on cardboard with the mark of photographer Édouard Keym. Ferdinand de l'Eau d'Andrimont (1816-1884) graduated in law from the ULB in 1840, was a lawyer at the Brussels bar and a Freemason. He was an alderman for the city of Brussels and a provincial councillor for Brabant.

Estim. 2 500 - 3 000 EUR

Lot 521 - Damseaux, Émile de - DAMSEAUX, Émile de Châteaux de Belgique. 2nd part 19th c. 49 albumen photos (including 1 ornamental composition in introd.), pasted on strong cardboard support, titled labels (place + owner), 5 signed by the photographer on the cardboard. Damseaux (Liège 1830-1913 Spa), an artillery officer and member of the Ghlin town council, where he lived in the Château de Moncoureur, was a keen photographer. Between 1867 and 1887, he photographed castles in Belgium, from which the Vasseur brothers of Tournai printed 168 lithographs (out of at least 254 photos), which were distributed from 1872 to 1878 by the Montois bookseller Émile Dacquin under the title "Belgique pittoresque: les châteaux". "These photographs reflect the mission that the art of photography had set itself in the 19th century: to inventory the country's civil and religious monuments using silver images. Damseaux took part, in a personal capacity, with his photographs of castles, some of which have undergone transformations or disappeared" (cf. Christine Gobeaux, introductory note to the http://donum.bicfb.be database). Contents: Trieu de Bertaimont (Joseph Hubert estate), Bouchout (Count L. de Beauffort, 2 views), Zorgvliet (Ferd. Moretus), Antoing (prince de Ligne, 2 views), Anvaing (comte de Lannoy, 2 views), Bornem (comte de Marnix), Hoboken (Mme De Decker Cassiers), Dilbeek (baron de Viron), Vaulx (Mr Duquesne), Gaesbeek (marquis d'Arconati Visconti), Mussain (baronne de Mussain), Fontaine-l'Évêque (Mr Bivort), Moustier (baron du Sart de Bouland), Grand Metz (comte de Dudzeele), Jemmapes M. (Léon Paternostre, 2 views), Schieplacken (comte de Meeus), Milfort (M. Auguste Siraut), Braffe (Le Maistre d'Anstaing), Colonster (baron de Chestret), Flône (M. Jules Fresart), Les Mazures (vicomte F. de Biolley), Hamoir (M. De Donnéa), L'Hermitage (Duc de Croÿ), Ecaussinnes-Lalaing (Prince Aldobrandini), Steyn-ockerzeel (Marquis de Croix), Steen (M. de Coppens), Rixensart (comte de Mérode), Humbeek (baron Le Candèle, 2 views), Dilbeek (baron de Viron), Saint-Symphorien (baron de St-Symphorien), Montignies-les-Lens (Mlle de Biseau de Bougies), Dongelberg (baron Osy de Zeswaart), Clabecq (marquis de Saives), La Bruyère d'Obourg (M. Fernand Coppée, 1), Gouy (baron F. de Herissem), Opheylissem (baron Vanden Bosch), Seneffe (comte de Pellan), Bois de Lessines (marquis d'Yves de Bavay), Ambroise (Mme Poot), Machelen (Berlaimont Laubry, 2 views), S'Gravenwezel (Mme Gilles de S'Gravenwezel, 2 views), Catershof (Mlle de Caters). Ref. http://donum.bicfb.be

Estim. 800 - 1 000 EUR

Lot 528 - Funeral of Sun Yat-sen May 26 - June 1, 1929. 86 silver prints, c. 8,1 x 13,9 cm, pasted on 8 black thick loose paper ff., ms. legends. Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925) was a Chinese revolutionary statesman, physician, and first president and founder of the Republic of China ("Nationalist China"). As the foremost pioneer of the Republic of China, he is regarded as the "Father of the Nation" in Taiwan and the "forerunner of the democratic revolution" in the People's Republic of China. Sun played a crucial role in the overthrow of the Qing dynasty during the years leading up to the Xinhai Revolution. Although he was in Saint Louis, Missouri at the time, he was appointed president of the Provisional Republic of China when it was founded in 1912. Sun's most important legacy is the development of his political philosophy known as the Three Principles of the People: nationalism, democracy and popular prosperity. Among the photos: procession through the streets of Beijing, Chien Men railway station where Sun Yat-sen's body was transported to Nanjing, the mausoleum in Nanjing, official parade, etc. The hotel of the minister of Belgium in Beijing, house of the secretary of the Belgian delegation, the interprete himself, mister Pieters, the funeral service of marechal Foch in the St Michael's Church, Beijing 26 March 1929 and offical delegations of Italy, Japan, Scotland, America, France, etc. paying their respects, laying down wreaths, etc., with a.o. Lieutenant-general Tatekawa, Colonel G. Badham-Thornhill, Miles Lampson, D. Varè, etc. Some snowy winter views at the end together with some western architectural buildings. Joined: A wooden frame with a picture of Thubten Choekyi Nyima, 9th Panchen Lama (?) by Foo Hua, Peking (photographer's stamp).

Estim. 300 - 400 EUR

Lot 540 - C. 295 slides of Rome. C. 1905-1920 From the series "J. Levy & C°", "E. Mazo" and by an amateur. Rome: Porta San Paolo and pyramid of Cestius, Arch of Drusus, Porta Maggiore, Porta San Sebastiano, Porta Pinciana, Theatre of Marcellus, Mausoleum of Augustus, Pantheon, Temple of Minerva Medica, Santa Constanza, Palatine Hill (House of Livia and of Augustus, Library of Palatine Apollo, Palace of Domitian), Baths of Caracalla, Castel Sant'Angelo, Via Appia, Pincian Hill, Capitoline Hill, Galleria Borghese, Trevi Fountain, Villa Medici, Janiculum Hill with Fountain dell'Acqua Paolo, Fountain of the Four Rivers, Spanish Square, Porta del Popolo, Tiber Island, Colosseum, Arch of Janus, Trajan's Forum, Forum of Nerva, Forum Boarium, Villa Giulia, etc. Forum Romanum (Temple of Saturn, Temple of Castor, Basilica of Maxentius, Arch of Titus, Arch of Septimius Severus, Basilica Julia, House of the Vestals, etc.). Christian Rome: Vatican City (St Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums (Museo Pio-Clementino, Museo Chiaramonti), St Peter's Square, Doric colonnades, Vatican Apostolic Library). Churches: Archbasilica of St John Lateran, Santa Maria Maggiore, Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls, Basilica of St Peter in Chains, Papal Basilica of Saint Lawrence outside the Walls, Basilica of St Mary above Minerva, Church of St Ignatius of Loyola at Campus Martius, Santa Constanza, Basilica of St Clement, St Mary of the Angels, Tempietto del Bramante, Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, Church of the Most Holy Trinity on the Mounts, Parish Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo, Basilica of Saint Mary in Cosmedin, Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Basilica of St Stephen in the Round on the Caelian Hill, etc. Rome surroundings: Tivoli, Terni, Aqua Claudia, Church of the Gesù, etc. Furthermore panoramas, photos of statues, of the maquette of Bigot or other reconstructions of Rome during the Roman era. Prov. Collection Aug. Poot (label on glass plate).

Estim. 300 - 400 EUR

Lot 541 - C. 510 slides of Italy. C. 1903-1950 "E. Mazo", "Projections Molteni Radiguet & Massiot" and by an amateur. Grand tour of Italy: Trieste (palace, grand canal, merchands, docks), Cerveteri, Tarquinia, Tivoli (Hadrian's Villa, Villa d'Este), Ostia, Pompei (House of the Vetti, House of the Faun, Basilica), Pozzuoli (Solfatara volcano, Macellum of Pozzuoli, amphitheatre), Naples (merchands port, water merchand, docks, fort, Posillipo, Porta Capuana, Castle dell'Ovo, Villa Rocca Matilde, Royal Palace, several squares, Certosa di San Martino, Fort Saint Elmo), Baiae (castle, port), Ischia, Procida (port), Sicily: Catania (Mount Etna), Agrigento (Temple of Concordia, Temple of Castor and Pollux, Temple of Juno, Temple of Heracles), Messina (earthquake 1908), Cefalu (cathedral), Syracuse (Necropolis of Pantalica, Greek Theatre, Euryalus Fortress), Taormina (Greek Theatre), Palermo (cathedral, Mount Pellegrino, San Giovanni degli Eremiti, Santa Maria della Catena, Cappella Palatina, Capuchin Catacombs), Monreale (convent), Paestum, Verona (arena, Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, Ponte di Castelvecchio, river Adige, Scaliger Tombs, Piazza delle Erbe, amphitheatre, cathedral), Mantua, Pavia (Certosa di Pavia), Ravenna (Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Mausoleum of Theodoric, Basilica of San Vitale), Positano, Amalfi (panorama, port, Capuchin Convent, cathedral), Sorrento, Atrani, Salerno, Capri, Florence (Ponte Vecchio, Giotto's Campanile, Cathedral of St Mary of the Flower, Basilica di Santa Croce, Baptistery of St John, Fountain of Neptune, Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo del Bargello, San Miniato al Monte, Uffizi Galleries, Cappella dei Principi), Arezzo, Rapallo (castle), Portofino, Rimini, Ferare, Perugia, Faenza, Siena (cathedral, Piazza del Campo, Palazzo Piccolomini, Fonte Gaia), Venice (Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo, war ships 1914, Guidecca, Grand Canal, Doge's Palace, Venetian Arsenal, Ca' Loredan Vendramin Calergi, Fondaco dei Turchi, Palazzo Pisani Moretta, Rialto Bridge, Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, Ca' Foscari, Palazzo Cavalli, Santa Maria della Salute, Piazza San Marco, St Mark's Basilica, Palazzo Giustinian, Bridge of Sighs, Loggetta, St Mark's Campanile, San Giorgio Maggiore, St Mark's Square, Gallerie dell'Accademia,Ca' Dario, Church of San Zaccaria, Church of St Roch, Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari), Lake Como (cathedral), Borromean Islands, Lake Lugano, Lake Maggiore, Milan (cathedral, Arch of Peace), Bologna (Fountain of Neptune, Palazzo del Podesta, Bevilacqua Palace, several churches, city squares), Pisa (cathedral, Tower of Pisa, Baptistery of St John), Genoa (port, Teatro Carlo Felice, Doge's Palace, streets, squares, cathedral, basilica), Padua (baptistery, Prato della Valle, basilic, Palazzo della Ragione), Assisi (Sacro Convento, San Damiano, Basilica of Saint Francis), etc. Prov. Collection Aug. Poot (label on glass plate).

Estim. 350 - 400 EUR

Lot 545 - C. 290 slides of Paris, Normandy and Brittany. C. 1889-1920 From the series "Projections Molteni Radiguet & Massiot", "J. Levy & C°", "E. Mazo" series. Expo 1889: Eiffel Tower, pavilions (Bolivia, Chile, Belgium, Italy), Palais des machines, Gallic houses, Javanese dancers, khalif types, sculptures, etc. Île-de-France: Paris: Porte Saint-Denis, Théâtre de la Renaissance, Hôtel de Sens, Bois de Boulogne, Place des Vosges, rue Lafayette, Gare du Nord, Trocadéro, Hôtel des Invalides, Musée de Cluny, Palais de Luxembourg, Panthéon, Grande Synagogue, Jardin des Tuileries, Champs-Élysées, Arc du Carrousel, Palais du Louvre, Île de la Cité, Théâtre de la Ville - Sarah Bernhardt, Hôtel de Ville, Tour St-Jacques, La Madeleine, boulevards, avenues, Vendôme column, l'Opéra, la Bourse, Fontaine des Innocents, St-Augustin, Notre-Dame, St-Étienne-du-Mont, Palais de Justice, Arc de Triomphe, Arc de l'Étoile, Jardin du Luxembourg, St-Eustache, Pont-Neuf, la Bastille, etc. Saint-Cloud, Fontainebleau, Versailles, etc. Grand Est region: Strasbourg (cathedral, old town), Lutzelbourg, Dabo, Rosheim, Obernai, Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg, Kaysersberg, Ammerschwihr, etc. Centre-Val de Loire: Tours, Amboise, Blois, Chambord and Maintenon châteaux, Azay-le-Rideau, etc. Brittany & Normandy: Cancale, Dinard, Locmariaquer, Étretat, Paramé, Sainte-Anne-d'Auray, Mont-Saint-Michel, Rouen, Dinan, Vannes, Saint-Malo, Dieppe, etc. Pays de la Loire: Nantes. Hauts-de-France: Amiens, Pierrefonds, Laon (cathedral, St-Martin church). Jersey (British Crown dependency).

Estim. 200 - 300 EUR

Lot 550 - BALDUS, Édouard The Louvre. 1149 orig. photos pasted on 462 plates, 1 engraving and 2 plans. Collected in 9 slipcases. The photographs are salted paper prints from negatives on paper (for small formats: details of sculptures) or collodion glass (for large formats: pavilions of the Nouveau Louvre), between 1855 and 1857.The construction of the new Louvre was the subject of a formidable photographic operation commissioned by the Minister of State, Achille Fould, and Lefuel. In May 1854, on the oral instructions of the Minister, Lefuel asked Baldus (1813-1882), photographer of the history of the Louvre, to preserve an image of the extraordinary construction site of the new Louvre, thanks to the new medium of photography. Lefuel's aim was to build up a photographic archive of the key moments in the construction of the new Louvre. Baldus photographed every stage in the construction of the new Louvre. This is the series of "vues du dimanche" or "épreuves du dimanche". Every Sunday, Baldus photographed the various pavilions and wings of the Louvre under construction from several vantage points, from the demolition of the old structures to the raising of the storeys and the installation of statues on the facades. Today, thanks to these photographs, we can follow the construction of the new buildings step by step. For the various stages of the Louvre's construction, Baldus produced high-quality photos with meticulous framing, and shots that give the impression of space, volume and monumentality. Qualities that few photographers of the time were able to achieve. Baldus avoided the picturesque, and his plates are considered by specialists to be the pinnacle of the art. In 1855, Baldus received a new commission. It was to photograph all the statues and decorations on the façades of the Louvre. This work is a unique source of information on the statues executed during this period of sculptural splendor. All the statues were photographed, not only those we see today, but also those that were proposed to Lefuel and rejected, those that were abandoned, those that were destroyed or moved. All the statues were photographed between 1855 and 1868, with the exception of two statues by Préault, War and Peace (no doubt due to the author's speed of execution). The photographs of the statues and decorations were taken by Baldus, refusing any artistic effects and focusing on the most rigorous restitution of the statuary (all photos are taken rigorously facing the work, without any distortion due to perspective). The statues are photographed at the plaster model stage, when they are made available by the sculptors on Swan Island. Each photograph is accompanied by a commentary indicating the author, the name of the work or, failing that, the type of work (pediment, crowning group, etc.), the place of installation and the year of execution. These photographs and indications constitute an invaluable collection for researchers and historians. This exceptional collection represents several thousand photos, around five thousand in all. These photos were widely used as a reference for the restoration of the Illustrious Men and Geniuses with Attributes, between 1990 and 1993. These photos are also essential for keeping track of all the artists who contributed to the Louvre's decoration, especially those who are among the least well known. By the time he received the commission for the Louvre, Baldus was already well known as an architectural photographer. He had been chosen by the Monuments Historiques commission to photograph France's historic monuments as part of the heliographic mission launched in 1851 (along with three other photographers, Henri Le Secq, Gustave Le Gray and O. Mestral). In 1855, he was commissioned to photograph the landscapes crossed by the railway line from Paris to Boulogne. He produced a similar report in 1859, for the Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée line. In 1856, he was also commissioned by the Minister of the Interior to immortalize the landscapes of the Rhône after the 1856 floods. After 1868, and until his death (in 1889), Baldus was content to exploit his photographic holdings, publishing his pictures in the form of albums and taking part in international events (Paris, Brussels, London...).

Estim. 2 000 - 3 000 EUR

Lot 553 - Photo archive Eugène Père Lafont, Belgian Jesuit. C. 1900 Eugène Lafont (Mons 1837-1908 Darjeeling), was a Belgian Jesuit priest and missionary in India. There he became a scientist and founder of the first Scientific Society in India. After Lafont arrived in India in 1865 he soon was appointed to teach sience. He installed a laboratory in the college and started with daily meteorological observations which were regularly published in the major newspaper of Calcutta, the "Indo-European Correspondence". Lafont was particularly gifted in popularizing scientific knowledge. He held lectures for the general public which were a huge success. He observed the rare astronomical phenomenon of the passage of planet Venus before the sun which made him internationally known and led to financial help to build and develop laboratories to disseminate scientific knowlegde and improve science courses and research. In this lot: 16 sm. albumen prints of Turkish types, scenes from the Middle East and India: Tuareg people, Berber people, water pipe smoking women and girls, veiled women, an Egyptian (?) barber, resting Indians, etc.; 6 cabinet cards and larger original photos pasted on cardboard showing Lafont himself: posing with his badges of honor, in front of a tent camp, working with a scientific instrument, 2 photos by Johnston & Hoffmann (the first and largest studio based in Calcutta (now Kolkata)), one by Meade (?); 35 smaller and larger albumen prints pasted on cardboard showing the mission area of Lafont: natives doing laundry, Calcutta High Court, men and women of the labouring classes, Hooghly Bridge, cavalry in Gwalior, the grave of Gustave Mees in Calcutta, the Maharaja of Gwalior with colonel Robertson and Lafont in a carriage, the Delhi amphitheater in 1903, fort Gwalior, the Taj Mahal (gardens, sarcophagus), Henry Martin's pagoda at Serampore, the general post office of Calcutta, the temple in Coconada (now Kakinada), the Sas Bahu temple and the palace of the Maharaja of Gwalior, nice portrait of the Maharaja of Gwalior, an elephant procession during a state entry, etc. Two issues of "The Empress", an illustrated magazine, edited and published by Arthur James Parker, at Calcutta, n. 18 (1 December 1904) and n. 22 (2 May 1908). Both issues figuring an article and photos (resembling photos mentioned above) of Lafont. Program of the "Golden Jubilee" of religious life in the Society of Jesus of Père Lafont, 1854-1904, in Calcutta 12-13 December 1904.

Estim. 200 - 300 EUR