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Lot 7 - RIGAUD Hyacinthe (School of) 1659 - 1743 Full-length portrait of Louis XIV, wearing a long wig à la Binet, his right hand resting on his fleur-de-lys staff. The king is wearing a simple bib over his buff-colored justaucorps, the cuffs trimmed with silver thread. He wears the great blue cordon of the Order of the Holy Spirit, parts of whose plaque can be seen near the leotard. His staff rests on the top of a beautifully carved console, next to a fleur-de-lys ornament. His gloved left hand rests against his hip, next to his large white scarf as head of the army. In the background on the right, we can see the walls of a fortified city, bordered by a stream. Oil on canvas (Re-staining; some restorations) H. 48 - L. 32.5 cm Carved and gilded wood frame in the Louis XIV style, decorated with flowers (missing in the upper right corner and on the side). The portrait is a reduction of the bust from the king's oval portrait painted by Rigaud around 1694, a repetition of which is in the Dulwich Picture Gallery (London), and the general attitude from the large full-length portrait in the Prado Museum. The fortified town visible in the background, surmounted on the left by an ancient fortress, may correspond, succinctly sketched, to the town of Namur, which Louis XIV, assisted by Vauban, had just taken in 1692 (Cf. Stephan Perreau, 2013 - p.112). General bibliography on the two portraits cited, their repetitions and copies: 1 - A. Stéphan Perreau, Hyacinthe Rigaud. Catalog concis de l'œuvre, P. 386b, pp. 111 112 (Nouvelles Presses du Languedoc 2013); B. Stephan Perreau, Hyacinther Rigaud. Le peintre des rois, p.87 (Les Presses du Languedoc 2004). 2 - Ariane James - Sarazin, Catalogue raisonné Hyacinthe Rigaud, Tome 2, p.382, pp. 131 - 133 (Editions Faton 2016).

Estim. 3 000 - 5 000 EUR

Lot 40 - DARWIN, Charles Robert (1809-1882), British naturalist and paleontologist. Letter signed, addressed to "My dear Sir", Down Beckenham Kent, june 15, 1870. 1 ½ page in-8 + ½ page in-8; retained postmark cut out and pasted on second leaf (creases, tears with no lack of text, snag on one identifiable word). Very interesting letter in which Darwin asks his correspondent, who had offered to help him when he came to see him earlier, to send him some seeds from Algiers. It consists of two parts: the letter itself (1 leaf), and 10 lines of notes on a half leaf; small holes in the margins suggest that the two leaves were originally joined by a seam. "When you were at Down, you were so kind as to say that you were willing to assit me in my experiments. I am now particularly anxious to obtain as soon as possible some seeds (named on the next page) which have been matured in Algiers. Seeds imported from Europe w[oul]d be of no use [for ?] me. I sh[oul]d add that Dr Hooker has applied for me to Col. Playfair, so that if you see him you w[oul]d perhaps be so kind as to confer with him on the subject. If you or Col. Playfair can aid me in this way, send me any of the seeds immediately, you will do me an essential kindness". The second sheet contains a 10-line list of the desired plants, with a few details. Provenance: José Pérez de Barradas y Alvarez de Eulate (Cadiz, October 3, 1897 - Madrid, January 30, 1981), Spanish prehistorian and anthropologist, by descent. His collection included letters addressed to the Spanish anthropologist, zoologist and geologist Antonio Machado y Núñez (1815-1896), a professor in Cadiz, Seville and Madrid, who was one of the main introducers and advocates of Darwinism in Spain.

Estim. 2 000 - 3 000 EUR

Lot 42 - [Autographs]. [Sciences]. Set of 8 autograph letters from scientists, mostly addressed to Antonio Machado y Núñez (1815-1896), Spanish anthropologist, zoologist and geologist, professor in Cadiz, Seville and Madrid, who was one of the main introducers and defenders of Darwinism in Spain. (Minor wear, the main ones mentioned). - LARTET, Louis (1840-1899), geologist and prehistorian. Three autograph letters signed: - 1 L.A.S., to "Très honoré Monsieur". Paris, September 18, 1864. 2 pages in-4, Muséum d'Histoire naturelle letterhead. Acknowledges receipt of copies of "l'intéressante note sur le terrain quaternaire de Cordoue" sent by his correspondent, indicates that he will forward them to Daubrée, Verneuil, d'Archiac, Collomb, the Geological Society and others; in a P.S. he refers to the Carte géologique d'Espagne "enfin terminée" that Verneuil has just presented to the Académie des Sciences. - 1 L.A.S., to "Mon cher Monsieur Machado". S.l., January 13, 1866. 4 pages in-4. Interesting letter on prehistory with some drawings of pottery. - 1 L.A.S., to a friend and colleague. Paris, November 5, 1867. 2 pages in-8. Evokes his feelings following the Universal Exhibition, the destruction of the buildings, and regrets: "... this improvised temple of peace and industry will be succeeded [...] by a maneuvering ground for warlike evolutions...". Then refers to the proceedings volume of the last geological and prehistoric congress, regretting that his correspondent was absent (fold marks). - VERNEUIL, Édouard de (1805-1873), geologist and paleontologist. 1 L.A.S. addressed to "Monsieur". Paris, January 31. "Monsieur Lartet told me yesterday that you had written to him that there was some danger in traveling to Andalusia at present.... "He refers to his previous study trip to the region, and to their mutual friends Casiano de Prado and Lartet. He insists: "Please tell me if there really are brigands forming gangs, if they have already committed any crimes [...]", and considers postponing his trip if necessary. Finally, for his forthcoming new edition of the geological map of Spain, he warns his correspondent that he will be seeking his collaboration. - DAUBRÉE, Gabriel-Auguste (1814-1896), geologist. 1 L.A.S., addressed to Dr. Machado, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Seville. Paris, August 5, 1864. 1 page in-4, Muséum d'Histoire naturelle letterhead. He thanks his correspondent who has offered and sent to the Galerie de Zoologie samples and fossils from Spain, "... these rare and curious specimens will immediately be exhibited in our Museum with [...] the name of their generous donor". - PRADO, Casiano de (1797-1866), Spanish geologist. 1 L.A.S., in Spanish, addressed to S. D. Ant[oni]o Machado. Madrid, April 8, 1866. 1 page in-8 (light stains on verso). - 1 L.A.S. in Portuguese or Spanish, by an unidentified writer, addressed to D. Antonio Machado, his "estimado collego". Lisboa, January 9, 1867. 4 pages in-8 - 1 L.A.S., in French, from an unidentified Polish writer (Pavoinski?). Addressed to "Monsieur". Warsaw, February 25, 1882. 4 pages in-8. He has published a book on his trip to Spain, which he has dedicated to the addressee, and must have sent to him; evokes their mutual friend Juan Vilanova, and the memory of his stay in Seville; he has sent several publications and other documents to his correspondent, and worries that he has received no reply from him. Provenance: José Pérez de Barradas y Alvarez de Eulate (Cadiz, October 3, 1897 - Madrid, January 30, 1981), Spanish prehistorian and anthropologist, by descent.

Estim. 300 - 500 EUR

Lot 43 - [Americana]. [Manuscript]. [RAVENSTEIN (Ernst Georg)]. Important set of copies of relations and documents concerning the geography and history of several territories in South America. [London], 1887-1888. 13 volumes in-4, modest blue half-percaline, handwritten titles on spine labels. The set consists of meticulous copies, in black and red ink, based on manuscripts preserved at the time in the British Museum, and produced under the direction of Ernst Georg Ravenstein (1834-1913), who dated and validated the copy on each title page. An English geographer and cartographer of German origin, E. G. Ravenstein worked for the topographical department of the British War Office from 1855 to 1875. A specialist in historical geography, he was an eminent member of the Royal Geographical Society. He was responsible for a large number of statistical and demographic works, particularly on human migration, and published several innovative atlases based on his research. The aim of this collection seems to be to bring together a large number of sources relating to the delimitation of the borders of this region, and the constitution of the various states. In particular, it concerns Peru and neighbouring territories. Each volume has a serial number and contains one or more stories; some parts have no title of their own, but are identified by the numbering of the original manuscript. The original British Museum call numbers are given. Volume [1] (C 348). - Perú (N° 98). Refexiones sobre rectificar la division del Virreynato del Perú. B.M., Ad. Ms. 17588. December 12, 1887. [1]-9 f. - N° 103. Descripcion... [1]-36 f. - Untitled (Relacion... provincia de Zana...) f. 37 to 63. - N° 106. [1]-4 f. - n°107. [1]-9 f. - N° 111. [1]-13 f. - N° 102. [2]-53 f., 1 pl., 1 fig - N° 112. [1]-30 f., 1 fig. - N° 113. 25 f. Volume [2]. (C. 349). - Entrega de gobierno. 1776. Sr Dn Manuel Antonio de Florez. [1]-265 f. Volume [3]. (C 351). - Varios I, n° 130. Hecho de la verdad contra los artificios... 14 f. - Varios N° 142. Terreno y produciones... [1]-223 f. - N° 147. Buenos Ayres... [1]-6 f. - N° 179. Noticias de Lago Xerayes... [1]-17 f. - N°187. Noticias de la marcha... [1]-18 f. - N° 198. Derrotero desde la ciudad... 6 f. Volume [4]. (C 353). - Relacion del Virrey D. Nicolas del Campo, Marquis de Loreto... 1790. - Report of... 1830... Purchased.... 1853. B. M. Ad. MS. 19575. July 23, 1888. [3]-207 f. r° et v°. Volume [5]. (C 354). - Informe del [...] de Arredondo a su sucés ex D. Pedro Melo de Portugal. Buenos Aires, 16 marzo 1795. B.M., Ad. MS. 19576, f. 1-56. [2] f., III-287 p. - Apuntos sacados de la Relacion de Govierno, lejado por el Exm°Sr Virey D. Gabriel de Aviles 20 de mayo de 1801. B.M. Ad. MS. 19576, f. 57-68. November 1887. [3] f., 65 p. Volume [6]. (C 355). - Un cuadro estadistico... [1] f., 3 tableaux. - Relacion del Virrey... 1770. [2]-118 f. - Relacion del Virrey... 1778... [1]-22 f. Volume [7 8]. (C 356). - Diario de la secunda partida de demarcacion de limites entre los dominios de España y Portugal en la America Meridional. B.M., Add. MS. 17611. December 1888. 284 + 408 f. Volume [9]. (C 358). - No. 85: Hechos de Marina por el Exmo Sor Marques de la Concordia. [1]-19 f. B.M., Add. MS. 17584, f. 1-17. December 12, 1887. - N° 87. Noticias geográficas del Perú. Por Ciezar. 46 p. B.M., Add. MS. 17584, f. 9-32. December 12 [1887]. - An untitled portion of 136 f. - N° 90. Perú. Descripcion succinta de las Provincias de Conchucos, Huamalies, y Huamachuco en el Perú. (19th century). 8 f. B.M., Add. MS. 17584, f. 113-117. December 12, 1887. - N° 108. Derrota from Cadiz to Lima (19th century). 9 f. B.M., Add. MS. 17584, f. 119-122. December 12, 1887. Volume [10]. (C 359). - Relacion de el Estado de el Peru en los ocho Años de su govierno que haze el Duque de la Palata Al Ex.mo señor Conde de la Monclova su sucesor en los Cargos de Virrey Governador y Capitan General de estos Reynos de el Peru, Tierrafirme y Chile. Deque tomó posesion el dia 16 de Agosto del Año de 1689. British Museum, Add. MS. 19571 (Purchased by Sir Woodbine Parish, 1831). December 19, 1887. 913 pp. - Relacion del estado de los reinos del Peru, que la Real Audiencia de Lima, por muerte del Exmo Sr Virey Conde de la Monclova, haze al Exmo Sr Virey Marq.s de Castell-dos-rrios en I° de jun° de 1707. B.M., Ad. MS. 19571, f. 24 c. May 16, 1888. 43 p. Volume [11] (C 360). - Relacion del Estado del Peru en el gobierno del Exmo Sr Virrey... hecha en Lima 1776. [1] f., VIII p., [1] f., 832 p. Volume [12]. (C 363). - Materiale para la descripcion de Peru. De letra del Sr Navarrete. [1]-147 f. Volume [13]. (No.). - Descripcion geografica de los Reynos de Galicia, Viscaya, Leon. Por Don Alfonso de la Mota y Escobar. - Relacion de la perdida de la Ciudad del Rio de la Hacha 8 f. -

Estim. 2 000 - 3 000 EUR

Lot 78 - Sèvres porcelain 'Lyre' chime and calendar clock, mid-19th century. White and polychrome enamel dial signed 'Bastet' (according to information supplied), Roman numerals for the hours divided at 12 minutes, Arabic for the calendar, the surround with representations of the signs of the zodiac in polychrome enamel each in a semicircle surrounded by foliage with the name of its corresponding month written below; openworked brass hour and minute hands, blued steel calendar hands; round movement numbered '32653', 'Brocot' escapement with carnelian levers, steel stem balance with grid above the movement encircled by rhinestones, count wheel on the outside, striking on gong. The lyre-shaped stand in probably hard Sèvres porcelain 'à fond gros bleu' with foliage decoration and applied gilded brass frieze, crowned with an Apollo head. H. 64cm ; W. 28cm ; D. 15.5cm. Provenance: Acquired by Baron and Baroness X from J. Rochelle Thomas, the Georgian Galleries, King Street, St James, London on May 26, 1925 for £100, then by descent. Bibliography: This model was created at the Manufacture de Sèvres around 1785. A very similar example, with a Coteau dial of this date, signed 'Courieult à Paris', is in the Musée du Louvre (inv. R483, currently on display at the Château de Versailles); another is in the Musée National de la Céramique in Sèvres (Inv. 21649). The Bastet dial is executed in the style of Coteau, without having exactly the same hues. Bastet himself was a renowned enameller at the time. In 1860, he obtained a patent for a new method of enameling watch dials and clocks. He worked at 56, rue Charlot, Paris (Annuaire et Almanach du Commerce ..., Didot Bottin, 1862.

Estim. 35 000 - 40 000 EUR