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Lot 51 - after Federico ZUCCARI (1540-1609), engraved by Cornelius CORT (1533-1578), created in 1572 The slander of Apelles engraving and burin, printed in Rome in 1602 by Givanni ORLANDI (1590-1640) 40.4 x 55.5 cm (wear, stains, foxing, tears, missing parts, mounted on paper) This is a free adaptation of Lucian's text, with alterations and added personifications: a donkey-eared king, an allusion to Midas, surrounded by Slander and Deceit whispering in his ear, in the half-light of the draperies enveloping his throne. In even darker shadows, Envy, with her emaciated body, hanging breasts and snake-like hair, and her three aggressive dogs. Perfidy, now the central figure, half-man, half-serpent, stands on the coils of her tail to brandish tangled snakes. On the left, in the foreground, Wrath chained to a heap of weapons and a Harpy with clawed paws and chitinous wings spread. Imperturbable in the midst of these vices and plagues, on the far left and grasping the arm of the unleashed sovereign, the armed Minerva goddess is helmeted and armored; on the right, Apollo cithred and Mercury with caduceus point to and protect Truth, a standing naked woman, giving her hand. All three seem to have broken the yoke and fetters lying on the ground, and are walking away, turning their backs on vices and iniquitous judgments. Truth is the only character whose nakedness is purely human, in contrast to that of the hideous, evil monsters. As Panofsky observes, she is saved in time and escapes her unjust condemnation. Engraving themes: Greco-Roman god, Mercury, nude woman (Innocence), allegory, with strange, hybrid and fabulous characters (Harpy, snake, Medusa, griffin, chimera...), and decoration with garlands of fruit, cartouches, harvests, shields, weapon, armor, helmet, trumpets). Reference: a similar engraving held by the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon Related work: La calomnie d'Appelle by Luca PENNI (Florence 1500 Paris 1556), engraved in 1560 by Giorgio GHISI (Mantua 1520 or 1524 1582).

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