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Lot 11 - Horace VERNET (Paris, 1789 - 1863) Seventeen studies for portraits Canvas Height : 57 cm Width : 84 cm Provenance : Delaroche-Vernet family Bibliography and exhibition: Horace Vernet 1789-1863, Rome, Académie de France, and Paris, École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, 1980, p. 91, no. 65. The catalog states: "This montage of 17 portraits caught our attention, because it shows us the way Horace worked, taking quick sketches of the models, which he then included into larger compositions. Despite examination in the Louvre laboratory, it was not possible to decipher decipher the names of all the figures assembled here? The figures assembled here all appear to have been painted between 1820 and 1835. " In this publication, Isabelle Julia identifies several of the models: - At top right, in fifth position, the military figure is General Drouot (1774-1847), hero of the Napoleonic epic Vernet was nostalgic for; - below, in tenth position, the child is Ferdinand Philippe (1810-1842), Duc de Chartres. This is a study for the 1821 full-length portrait of the Duc de Chartres holding a hoop, now at the Château de Versailles. Versailles, since 2015; - in twelfth position, the woman with a hat is Natalie de Laborde (1774-1835), comtesse de Noailles, then Duchesse de Mouchy, who was one of Chateaubriand's loves and a muse; - bottom left, in fourteenth position, with beret, perhaps Adrien Perlet (1795-1850), comic actor Comédie-Française under the Restoration; - in sixteenth position at bottom, second row from right), perhaps Ferdinand Philippe (1810-1842), now grown and titled Duke of Orléans (or one of his brothers). As a hypothesis, we propose : - in second place, wearing a black hat, Vernet's collector and friend Philippe Lenoir (1785 - 1867), by comparison with his portrait by Vernet in the Louvre; - in third place, Anne-Françoise-Hippolyte Boutet (1779-1847), the famous actress known as Mademoiselle Mars; by comparison with her portrait by Vernet, kept at the Château de Versailles since 2020; - in fourth place, the neoclassical painter Pierre-Narcisse Guérin (1774-1833), master of Delacroix and Géricault. Géricault, by comparison with his portrait by Vernet, painted around 1829 and housed at the Beaux-arts de Paris; - in sixth place, collector and banker David Schickler (1777-1866), by comparison with his by Vernet in the Paul and Raphaëlle de Pourtalès collection. - in seventh place, the painter François-Joseph Heim (1787-1865), by comparison with his portrait by Vernet in the Louvre's Department of Graphic Arts; - in eleventh place, the Duc d'Orléans, Louis-Philippe 1er (1773-1850), King of the French from 1830, by comparison with Vernet's portrait at the Musée Condé in Chantilly. Another study for the black soldier, in ninth position, with a variant is known. Its model is not identified. Expert: Cabinet Turquin On view at Cabinet Turquin until May 27.

Estim. 10 000 - 15 000 EUR

Lot 15 - Maria Felice Tibaldi (1707-1770) Portrait of Joseph Vernet Gouache on parchment Height: 11.4 cm Width: 8.7 cm On the back an old label from the Delaroche Vernet collection Provenance: Delaroche-Vernet family Bibliography : catalog of the exhibition Subleyras 1699-1749,Paris, Musée du Luxembourg, 1987, p. 235 (Fig.1), as Maria Teresa Tibaldi (?) Nicolas Lesur, Pierre Subleyras, Arthena, 2023, p.461, n° 36MFTI, repr. uncertain attribution to Marie-Felice Tibaldi and uncertain identification of the model, having been unable to examine the work at the time of publication of publication of his book. We would like to thank Nicolas Lesur for confirming its autograph nature to Maria Felice Tibaldi. on April 16, 2024. This miniature is a reproduction, with costume variations, of the painting by Pierre Subleyras in the Musée de Picardie in Amiens (Lesur, op. cit. p. 315, this author does not identify the model as Joseph Vernet, preferring to leave it anonymous). Vernet and prefers to leave it anonymous). Maria Felice Tibaldi was born into a family of artists; her father was a musician. From an early age, she was pupil of Felice Ramelli, Superintendent of Manuscripts at the Vatican Library, she began to achieve thirteen years of age. Her sister Isabella married Pierre-Charles Trémolières, and five years later she married Pierre Subleyras (1699-1749) in 1739. A renowned miniaturist, her marriage contract left her with a third a third of her earnings from her work to support her family. She was admitted to the Accademia di San Luca in Rome in 1742, and the following year entered the Accademia dell'Arcadia. Her miniature miniature, Mary Magdalene at the Foot of Jesus in the House of Simon the Pharisee, after her husband, was purchased by Pope Benedict XIV for 1,000 ecus in 1752, making her the first woman artist to enter the Capitoline Museum. Capitoline Museum. Expert: Cabinet Turquin On view at Cabinet Turquin until May 27.

Estim. 2 000 - 3 000 EUR

Lot 17 - Ary SCHEFFER (Dordrecht 1795 - Argenteuil 1858) and Charles-Antoine LEDIEU (1794 - 1878) Portrait of Marie Louise Ledieu (1828 - 1888) Original canvas Height : 41 cm Width : 30 cm Two labels on the reverse, top frame: Portrait de Marie Louise Ledieu / (1828-1888) / fille de Charles Antoine Ledieu / and Louise Eugénie Vernet, his wife / granddaughter of Livio Vernet. bottom: This portrait of Mlle Ledieu / was painted in 1832 by / Ary Scheffer and Ch. Ant. / Ledieu, a pupil of Horace Vernet As we know from family tradition, reported on old labels, this charming painting was by the model's father, Charles-Antoine Ledieu, and by Ary Scheffer. It is with Charles Ledieu that Vernet crosses the foil with one hand (with the other, they hold a palette and brushes), in the famous painting by Ary Scheffer. brushes), in the famous painting L'Atelier de M. Horace Vernet (1820, private collection). The master dedicated the study Man in Oriental Costume, possibly Turkish Mustapha, to his pupil in 1818 (New York, Dahesh Museum of Art). He should not be confused with two other pupils of Horace Vernet: Philippe Ledieu (born around 1805) and Alexis Ledieu (born 1808). Vernet, Scheffer and Ledieu had frequented each other from the time of Géricault's cenacle in the rue de Martyrs, and had probably met earlier. had probably met earlier in Carlet Vernet's studio. This painting activity followed a military career. He entered Saint-Cyr in 1811, became lieutenant in 1813, fought in the campaigns of 1813 and 1814 in the Grande Armée. He married Horace's first cousin, granddaughter of Joseph and daughter of Livio Vernet. At mid-century, he became director of the Mont de Piété. Taking into account the child's age, our painting can be dated to the early 1830s. Expert: Cabinet Turquin On view at Cabinet Turquin until May 27.

Estim. 3 000 - 4 000 EUR

Lot 23 - Paul Delaroche (Hippolyte de la Roche dit) (1797-1856) Study for the portrait of Napoleon 1st Black pencil 28 x 24 cm Provenance: Horace Paul Delaroche-Vernet Collection, stamped lower right (L.1301) Expert: Cabinet de Bayser provenance: Delaroche-Vernet family Note: very interesting annotations in ink on the back tracing the history of the drawing, including a handwritten label by Horace Delaroche-Vernet (1866-1931): "Etude pour le tableau intitulé "Napoléon dans son cabinet" peint par Paul Delaroche, en 1837 pour lady Sandwich. In Jules Goddé's catalog raisonné of Paul Delaroche's work, published by Goupil Cie (Paris -1858), I find the following information: "The uniform of the old guard was lent by the emperor's valet de chambre, Baron Marchant (sic); the sword is that worn by Napoleon at Waterloo. The epaulette was lithographed by Princess Marie d'Orléans, Duchess Alexandre de Wurtemberg. For the lower part of the face, Paul Delaroche made a pencil study after the Prince de Musignan (who died Prince de Casino)". This study was given to me by my cousin, Madame Georges de Saint-Maurice, née Louise Delaroche. Horace Delaroche-Vernet." Our drawing is to be compared with the painting depicting Napoleon 1er in his study in 1807; presented at Me Osenat, attributed to Paul Delaroche, itself annotated by Lady Sandwich on the back who gave very similar indications and of which an archive photograph showed the painting in its interior. (Sold on 12/11/2014 during the sale of the extraordinary Napoleonic collection of the Princely Palace of Monaco. JC Dey expert. See photo 5 - Copyright Osenat)

Estim. 4 000 - 6 000 EUR