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Lot 3 - Alte Drucke. - Collection of 16 works in 18 volumes, 17th and 18th century. 16 small-format prints of sacred content in 18 vols. 1612-1758. 16° to 8°. Various. Binding d. Zt. 1. Barry, P. de. Sanctae intentiones hagiophilae tribvs et triginta pactis declaratae. Ingolst., Haenlin, 1646. with engraved frontisp. Frontisp. - Accompanied by: 2. Poire, F. Modvs recte se disponendi ad felicem mortem. Mchn., Straub für Wagner, 1648. pigskin boards with cover glazing, front board with gilt embossed heraldic supralibros. 3 Bidermann, J. Deliciarum sacrarum et acroamatum academicorum libri tres. Cologne, Metternich, 1727. hardcover with richly decorated spine and cover, front cover with gilt embossed heraldic supralibros, gilt edges. 4. Bonaventura, S. Specvlvm disciplinae novitiorvm, Das ist, Zuchtspiegel der newen Geistlichen Ordens Personen. Cologne, Friessem, 1654. wooden boards with blind embossed wildlife border and 2 keys 5. Breviarium Romanum. 4 vols. Passau, Manfrè, 1707-8. cloth with some gilt, gilt edges 6. (Bucelleni, G.). Praxis meditandi mysteria Christi Domini Nostri B. Virginis et Sanctorum. Vienna, Rictius, 1633. d. pgt. With cover glazing and cisel. Gilt ed. 7. Doctrina regia , ex . Salomonis proverbiorum . collecta. Vienna, Kürner, 1670. Frontisp. Gilt-printed Ldr. d. Zt. 8. Eberwein, E. Enchiridion de ecclesia et eivs notis qvibvs a falsa distingvitvr. Salzb., Kyrner, 1612. black embossed pgt. d. Zt. 9. first and greatest devotion of the Christian-Catholic churches. Vienna, Schilgin, 1758. with 13 copper plates. Wooden boards with paper covers. 10. Manuale administrantium sacramenta . in dioecesi Frisingensi. Freising, Goeritz, 1750. wooden boards d. Zt. with brown ldrbez. u. 2 Schl. 11. Myricanus, S. Enchiridion fratrvm minorvm: complectens regulam S. Francisci. Cologne, Kinch, 1618. Title vign. Brick red pgt. d. Nierenberg, J. E. Discrimen temporis, et aeternitatis. Vienna, Voigt, 1677. ldr. d. Zt. 13. Officium B. M. V. Antw., Plantin/Moret, 1703. w. eng. Title vign. and 9 fulls. Text copperplate. Wooden boards with brown leather cover, rverg. and gilt edges. 14. Sifrid, H. Neues Bruderschafft-Büchlein. Für die Brüder vnd Schwestern der Loblichen Ertz-Bruderschafft der geweichen Strick-Gürtl des hl. Serpahischen Vatters Francisci. Innsbruck, Wagner, 1703. pp. d. Zt. 15. Torrense, H. Panoplia manualis, orthodoxae fidei. Pars IV. Vienna, Kürner, 1720. gilt-embossed boards, gilt edges 16. Trithemius, J. De sacerdotvm vita institvenda. Innsbruck, Wagner, 1652. Using a liturg. Ms. of the 15th century. Partly browned. Some ownership notes. Binding variously rubbed and bumped, some damage, binding straps missing, lower board of 4 loose.

Estim. 1 200 - 1 800 EUR

Lot 12 - Baur,J.W. - Iconographia, complectens in se, passionem, miracula, vita Christi universam, nec non prospectus rarissimorum ... First (to fourth) part. 4 vols. in 3 vols. Augsburg, M. Küsell 1670-72. qu.4°. With eng. Title and 142 (instead of 146 ?) num. Copper plates by M. Küsel after Baur. 5 pp. (privilege and 4 intertitles). Late. läd. Pbd. and 2 mod. Hprgtbde. (binding without spine, covers and boards loose, wear). Berlin ornamental engraved cat. (Baur) 4294. Hollstein (Küsel) 301-446. on paper with watermark post horn with letters MS. - Part 1 (1672): Begreifft in sich Die gantze Passion und Aufferstehung Christi... Plates 1 - 30 (without plate 9); vol. 2 (1671): Begreifft in sich Die Geburt, Leben und Wunderwerck Christi, sambt Anhang etlicher weniger Prospect etc. Pl. 81 - 125; Part 3 (1671): Describes in itself most of the various particular pieces, partly ecclesiastical, partly profane histories, as also various pieces drawn by the author in Italy after the magnificent paintings, and then also mostly after life... Plates 31 - 80 (without 66); Part 4 (1671): Begreifft in sich Von Allerhandt Meer-Porten, Garten, Palatina, so hin und wieder durch Italiam, Neapoli, und dero Neachbarten Provincien- und Landen etc. zu sehen... Plates 128-147 (without 126, 127 and 141). - Partly. (predominantly in the margins) foxing and partly slightly foxed. Marginal wear, the engraved main title. Main title mounted. as well as second part of the series Iconographia, first published by Melchior Küsel 1671-1672. Excellent impressions, partially with slight plate tone and the probably full margins. Partially smoothed vertical centerfold verso, somewhat stained or foxed, small marginal tears, these partially closed, the title page of the edition trimmed and mounted, further traces of use and conservation, otherwise fine.

Estim. 800 - 1 200 EUR

Lot 27 - (Bocksberger, Joh. - Neuwe Biblische Figuren deß Alten und Neuwen Testaments. Frankfurt, Rab, Feyerabend and Hart Heirs) 1565. qu.4°. 148 x 190 mm. With 130 woodcuts. a4 A-Q4 R1 [lacking R2]. Marbled calf with gilt-stamped border, blind-stamped spine decoration and marbled edges from the 18th century (rubbed, signs of age). Cf. VD 16, B 6067 and 6070 (editions 1564 and 1569); Becker 1 d. - Second edition of this collection of Bible figures, first published in 1564. - 130 woodcuts after the drawings by Bocksberger, which were taken over by Jost Amman and partly engraved. Three bear the mark of Amman, one that of Bocksperger, five are signed S.F, (Sigmund Feyerabend), three with SHF and with a strange Gothic H. These illustrations were reprinted in the German Bible of 1580. - The last leaf is missing (R2, printer's mark). Foxing on the title and ink stain on the plate Apocalypsis XII. Paper slightly yellowed. Two small holes in C1 and C2. - Small oblong in-4 (148 x 190 mm). Marbled calf, gilt border, spine ribbed and decorated in cold, marbled edges (18th century binding). - 130 woodcuts after drawings by Bocksberger taken over and partly engraved by Jost Amman. Three bear Amman's mark, one Bocksperger's, five are signed by S. F (Sigmund Feyerabend), three by SHF, and a curious gothic H. These illustrations were republished in the German Bible of 1580. - - Missing the last leaf (R2, printer's mark). Freckles on the title and ink stain on the plate Apocalypsis XII. Paper slightly yellowed. Two small holes in C1 and C2. Binding rubbed, corners dulled.

Estim. 900 - 1 400 EUR

Lot 74 - Feuerlein,J.C. - Holy Passion or Lenten work from the New and Old Testament consisting of XXX (and XXx) sermons;... 4 in 2 pgs. and supplement, 3 pgs. in 1 vol. Nuremberg, Endter 1686-88. cl.4°. 8 pp., 376 p., 8; 4 pp., 459 p., 8 pp., 50 (of ?) pp. (signs of wear). VD 17, 3:310950 Y (only the 1st part known). Rare Nuremberg collection of sermons. - Old inscription on verso of title page of part 1, front flyleaf with scribble, back flyleaf missing. Front flyleaf missing. Initial worming to margins, some browning and spotting. - ╔With: Starke,C. Synopsis╗ bibliothecae exegeticae in Novum Testamentum. Brief extract...on all the books of the New Testament in tables, explanations, notes... with preface by J. G. Reinbeck. After the latest revised and enlarged edition (1st of 3 vols.). Biel, Heilmann 1746. 4°. 15 pp., 2301 pp. Central binding with gilt-stamped rtit. - ╔Leben und Thaten╗ der Heiligen; eine Legenden-Sammlung für das christkatholische Volk. 2nd ed. Lucerne, Anich 1826. 4°. 1 leaf, pp. VII/VIII, pp. (3)-715, 2 leaves. Laid. Central hardcover with reeded boards. - Signs of use and age - ╔Antoine,P.G.╗ Theologia Dogmatico-scholastica... Tomus 1. de deo uno et trino. Mainz, Haefner Erben 1767. 4 pp. 679 p. Laid. Hprgt. d. Zt. - ╔Martin von Cochem╗. Marianischer Myrrhengarten oder Christkatholisches Gebethbuch...merklich verm. u. zum sonderlichen Gebrauch des weiblichen Geschlechts eingerichtet von P. Severus v. Bingen... Würzburg, Nitribitt 1806. with woodcut frontispiece and 1 full-page woodcut. Text woodcut. 7 p., 320, 60 p., 2 pp. Central hardcover with blind embossing over wooden boards. (Signs of use and age, somewhat damaged. - Stronger signs of use and age, le. Leaf only fragmentarily preserved, some writing on front cover. - ╔Michael a S.Catharina.╗ Trinum Perfectum, Via, Veritas, Vita. Only tle. 2-3 (of 3) in 2 vols. Augsburg 1728 - Together 7 vols.

Estim. 80 - 120 EUR

Lot 79 - (Gengenbach, Phamphilus). - Nouella. If someone has begun the new march, he will be seen in this book. He will hear the great upper door, Which has gone for a short time (Basel, Pamphilus Gengenbach, 1522/23). 4°. 18 unn. Hlwd of the 19th century. VD 16, G 1211. Goed., Grundriss II, 147, 16 and Gengenbach 514, 16. Neufforge p. 341: "von allergrösster Seltenheit". Jerome 319 (with an attempt to attribute the woodcuts). Muther 1371. Flögel III, 209 - Gengenbach's best satire in rhyme against Murner, who wants to invoke the Reformation, but is devoured by its spirit. "In his short essay on the woodcuts by the Basel painter Conrad Schnitt... [Koegler] concludes by pointing out that some Basel woodcuts from around 1521 to 1524 should be examined for their connection with Schnitt's work... among them Gengenbach's Mönchskalb and the Novella and other related, unnamed illustrations by Gengenbach and Lamparter. In his later article on Hans Herbst (Thieme/B. XVI, 450), Koegler lists Gengenbach's Gestryfft Schwitzer Baur, the Novella and the Hercules Germanicus in the first of the two groups of woodcuts he tries to assign to Herbst, without referring to his earlier opinion. The woodcuts of the Novella, however, now originate from at least two, probably three, partly quite different hands ..." (Here.). - The woodcuts sporadically somewhat fainter in the impression, a few sheets trimmed to the right margin; some minimal loss of image. - Title page with hs. Number and brown stain on woodcut. - Remains of 1 sheet stain on last sheet. - Extremely rare.

Estim. 10 000 - 15 000 EUR

Lot 88 - Giovio,P. - Elogia virorum bellica virtute illustrium veris imaginibus supposita, quae apud Musaeum spectantur. Florence, L. Torrentino, 1573. fol. (34:22 cm). With woodcut printer's mark. (Medici coat of arms) and figural and floral initials. 340 p., 2 vols. Dark blue 19th century cloth with gilt fillets, gilt crowned monogram and gilt embossed coat of arms supralibros of J. Gomez de la Cortina on both boards and gilt crowned monogram in corners. (Inside edge gilt and gilt edges; somewhat rubbed, corners and edges slightly bumped, lower capital chipped). Cf. Edit16 CNCE 21175, Adams G 639, Alden-L. 551/23, Fueter 51 f. and Mortimer 213 - Later edition, collation identical to the first edition published by Torrentino in 1551; only the original date on the title replaced by a decorative border and the new one stamped below. The elogies dedicated to Cosimo de' Medici were originally intended as an explanatory text for the portraits that Giovio had exhibited in the museum he had built near Como in 1536-43. Mainly Italian war heroes are treated, but also pirates, Turkish and Persian rulers etc., on pp. 171-174 there is a biography of Christopher Columbus, pp. 304-308 are dedicated to Hernando Cortés. - Cleaned, title and last few pages still slightly foxed; occasional mostly small marginal tears remain, so pp. 157/158, 207/208, 231/232 and 327/328. p. 122 long and p. 124 short marginal note in ink. From the library of Joaquín Gómez de la Cortina, Marqués de Morante (1812-1868), high Spanish official and bibliophile (cf. pp. 202-208), on the front inside cover his bookplate and bookseller's label by H. Samuel, Paris. - Later edition, collation identical with the first edition published by Torrentino in 1551; original date on the title replaced by a vignette and the new one stamped below dedication. With Torrentino's device of the Medici arms and figured and foliated initials. "Includes accounts of Columbus & Hernando Cortés" (Alden-L.). - Cleaned, still light foxing to title and final pages; a few and mostly short marginal tears restored, ink annotations to 2 pages. Bound in 19th century calf gilt, somewhat rubbed, extremities slightly worn, tail of spine chipped. With coat-of-arms gilt to both covers and bookplate of the high Spanish official and bibliophile Joaquín Gómez de la Cortina, Marqués de Morante.

Estim. 800 - 1 200 EUR