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Lot 39 - Hours for the use of Rome Printed on parchment, 170 x 110 mm. Calendar and text justification 130 x 80 mm. 23 long lines. Collation a8-1, b-m8, p4, A8, B8-1. Missing title page. Bound in red velvet. Paris, Philippe Pigouchet for Simon Vostre or Antoine Vérard, circa 1496-1500. Expert: Cabinet Honoré d'Urfé Text : F. a2-a8 Latin calendar with the ages of man followed by the seven orations of Saint Gregory. Missing title page F. b1-b4 Pericopes from the four Gospels F. b4-c2v Passion according to Saint John F. c2v-d3 Obsecro te, O Intemerata, Stabat mater, Missus est Gabriel angelus, Te deprecor, Salve regina F. d4-k6 Hours of the Virgin according to the usage of Rome followed by the Hours of Advent F. k7-m3 Penitential psalms followed by litanies F. m4-p4v Office of the dead F. A1-B2v Suffrages of the Trinity, God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Face, Saint Michael, Saint John the Baptist, Saint John the Evangelist, Saints Peter and Paul, Saint James, all the Apostles, Saint Stephen, Saint Laurent, Saint Christophe, Saint Sébastien, the martyrs, Saint Nicolas, Saint Claude, Saint Antoine, Saint Anne, Saint Marie-Madeleine, Saint Catherine, Saint Marguerite, Saint Barbe, Saint Apolline, Saint Geneviève. F. B3-B7v Recommendations for different times of the day. Lacks the seven orations of Saint Gregory and the colophon. Engravings : 10 large engravings and 6 small engravings, all enhanced. F. b1 Saint John on the island of Patmos F. b2 Saint Luke and the bull F. b2v Saint Matthew and the angel F. b3v Saint Mark and the lion F. b4v Christ's betrayal F. c2v Virgin and Child F. d3v Annunciation F. e6v Visitation F. f6v Crucifixion F. f7v Pentecost F. f8v Nativity F. g6v-g8 The Adoration of the Magi. F. h2v Presentation in the Temple F. h6 Flight into Egypt F. i4v The Dormition of the Virgin Mary F. k6v David and Bathsheba F. m3v The rich man at table with his wife A miniature F. g4 Announcement to the shepherds. Beautiful borders in the ganto brugeois style on a gold background with cut-out flowers or on a compartmentalized background around the engravings and on the facing page. Blue and red initials. Engravings by Simon Vostre or Antoine Vérard. They were used from May 22, 1496 by Simon Vostre and around 1498 by Vérard. The design is by the Master of the Apocalypse of the Sainte-Chapelle after I. Nettekoven (H. Tenschert, Horae B.M.V. 158 Stundenbuchdruck der Sammlung Bibermühle, 2003, pp. 121-124) also named Master of the Very Small Hours of Anne of Brittany (Jean d'Ypres? ) by N. Reynaud (France 1500, cat. expo. Grand Palais 6 Oct. 2010-10 Jan. 2011, cat. 113-123). This good-quality illuminator can be placed in the entourage of Simon Marmion. We recognize his pastel colors with mauve and pink, as well as the borders. In the case of the Annunciation to the Shepherds, he demonstrates his inventiveness by not following the engraving (Fr. Elsig, "La dynastie Marmion et Amiens: quelques observations", Peindre à Amiens et Beauvais aux XVe et XVIe siècles, Milan, 2011, pp. 75-82).

Estim. 2 000 - 3 000 EUR

Lot 41.1 - Hours for the use of Paris, printed on vellum. Simon Vostre, circa 1508. "Ces présentes heures à l'usage de Paris sont tout au long rien requérir avec les miracles Notre-Dame et les figures de l'apocalypse et de l'antique et des triomphes de César". 104 ƒƒ. of parchment, in 4° (215 x 140 mm.) (a-b8, c4, d-i8, k6, a'8, e'8, i8 o6). Almanac 1508-1528. Bound in 17th-century brown calf, spine ribbed and decorated with gilt motifs. Binding rubbed, corners stripped, jaws fragile. Expert : Cabinet Honoré d'Urfé Text: ƒ. a1v Almanach 1508-1528. ƒ. a2-a8 Calendar. ƒƒ. b1-b2v Pericopes of the 4 Gospels. ƒƒ. b3-c8 Passion, Obsecro te, O intemerata, Stabat mater, Missus est Gabriel angelus, Te Deprecor. ƒƒ. d1-g7 Heures de la Vierge à l'usage de Paris avec les heures de la Croix et du Saint-Esprit intercalées à partir de Laudes. ƒƒ. g8-h7 Penitential Psalms. ƒƒ. h8-k6 Vigils of the dead. ƒƒ. a'-e'4 Suffrages and prayers. ƒƒ. e'4v-e'7 Office of the Conception of Our Lady. ƒƒ. e'7v-e'8 From the Holy Sepulchre. ƒƒ. e'8-e'8v There follows the table of these present hours. ƒƒ. i'1-i4 Office of Our Lady of Pity. ƒƒ. i'4-o6v Prayers: Douce Dame, Saincte vraie Croix, O reyne qui fuste mise et assise, Glorieuse saincte Dame, Toy royne de hault pararaige, Glorieuse Vierge Marie, Mon Dieu mon créateur, Mon benoist Dieu, ie croyes de cueur, Sire Dieu éternel. Engravings: 24 large copper engravings: - 14 full-page engravings. - 10 two-thirds page. Numerous small engravings. Anonymous engraving. - a1 Mark of Simon Vostre. Engravings according to the drawings of the Master of the Apocalypse of the Sainte Chapelle. Six engravings (2/3 page) by the Master of the Apocalypse of the Sainte Chapelle. Chapel: Jean Dipres (1495-1498). - a2 Anatomical man. - c8v Tree of Jesse. - f2 Adoration of the shepherds. - a'1 The Church Triumphant and the Church Militant. - a'3 The Holy Wound. - e'7v Entombment. All small engravings. Borders: the calendar, the story of Joseph and his brothers, the sibyls, gathering, deer hunting, the story of David, Danse macabre, the 7 sacraments. Ines Nettekoven (Der Meister des Apokalipsenrose der Sainte-Chapelle und die Pariser Buchkunst um 1500, Turnhout, 2004, Abb. 158-176) names the artist after the stained glass windows in the Rose de la sainte Chapelle, and attributes numerous engravings to him, including the series for Simon Vostre. Vostre. N. Reynaud (Les manuscrits à peintures en France 1440-1520, Cat. Expo. BNF Oct. 1993 - Jan. 1994, pp. 265-270) prefers the name Maître des Très Petites Heures d'Anne de Bretagne from the BNF manuscript (Paris, NAL 3120). The author suggests identifying him with one of the sons of Colin d'Amiens or Nicolas Dipres: Jean Dipres? Engravings based on drawings by Jean Pichore 1504-1506. - 17 engravings (14 full-page and 3 2/3-page engravings: G8, H8 and E'4v°) - a8v Saint John and the poisoned cup. - b3 The Betrayal of Judas. - d1 Annunciation. - d8v Visitation. - e4v Crucifixion (after Martin Schoengauer). - e6v Nativity (after Martin Schoengauer: C. Zöhl, Abb. 244). - f 1v Announcement to the shepherds. - f4v Adoration of the Magi (after Martin Schoengauer: C. Zöhl, Abb.243). - f7 Presentation at the Temple (after Jean Poyet). - g1v Flight into Egypt. - g4v Coronation of the Virgin Mary. - g7v David playing the Harp. - g8 David hands Uriah the letter condemning him (after Jean Poyet). - h7v Resurrection of Lazarus (after Jean Poyet). - h8 Job visited by his friends (after Jean Poyet). - e'4v Sainte Anne Trinitaire. Antique borders, Apocalypse (d1v to e7), Triumphs of Caesar (a'3v-e'1). These last two series come from the in 8° series by Jean Pichore. Most of the large engravings are from the edition by Jean Pichore et Rémy de Laistre in 4° dated April 5, 1504 (Tenschert vol. 2, no. 92), with the exception of David and Uriah (l.8) and Job visited by his friends (h.8), St. Anne Trinitaire (e'4v), which can be found in the Hours in 8° of September 24, 1504 (C. Zöhl, Jean Pichore : Buchmaller, Graphiker und Verleger in Paris um 1500, Turnhout, 2004, Abb. 99-130, p. 162-176). Vostre used them around 1505-1508 (Zöhl, p. 22-25). Jean Pichore is documented from 1502 to 1518, in 1502 in the service of Cardinal d'Amboise and then in 1518 for the Chants royaux du Puy Notre Dame d'Amiens offered by the aldermen of Amiens to Louise de Savoie. He was inspired by the compositions of the Touraine illuminator Jean Poyet in the Briçonnet Hours (Haarlem, Teylers Museum ms. 78) and German engravers such as Martin Schoengauer here and Albert Dürer, the latter in the in 8° series of 1504. Illuminated initials: The initials in pink and blue with o

Estim. 4 000 - 5 000 EUR