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Lot 27 - HOSTE Paul - L'Art des Armées navales, ou Traité des evolutions navales, qui contient des regles utiles aux officiers Généraux, & Particuliers d'une Armée Navale; avec des exemples tirez de ce qui s'est passé de plus considérable sur la mer depuis cinquante ans. Lyon, Anisson & Posuel, 1697, 2 works in 1vol. in-folio, speckled brown calf, finely decorated ribbed spine, fawn title page, lace on the edges, speckled edges, slight rest. and a few scattered russets. 1) 7 ff.n.ch., 424 pp. and 134 engraved figures. 2) 6 ff.n.ch., 172 pp. 2 ff.n.ch. (explanation of marine terms) and 11 folding plates out of text. Polak 4512. Sommervogel IV, 479-480. First edition of these two works, which should always be found together. Father Hoste's major work, marking the science of navigation, was translated into the languages of most European maritime nations. Paul Hoste, born in 1652 in Pont-de-Veyle, Ain, entered the Jesuits in September 1666. A gifted mathematician, he soon specialized in mathematical applications for the navy. Successively Royal Professor of Mathematics in Lyon and Toulon (where he died in 1700), he benefited, through the Duc de Mortemart, from the high protection of Marshals Jean d'Estrées and de Tourville. He made several sea voyages with them and accompanied them on their naval expeditions for twelve years, studying and codifying their maneuvers. French naval thought really took shape with the Traité des évolutions navales, written in close collaboration with these two illustrious marshals. It constitutes a vast synthesis of the naval tactics of the time, based on a study of the great naval battles since Lepanto. A good copy in contemporary binding. Handwritten bookplate on the title page. [Ref. 23879] The first treatise on naval tactics to be published in Europe

Estim. 6 500 - 7 500 EUR

Lot 28 - LABILLARDIERE Jacques Julien Houton de - Relation du voyage à la recherche de La Pérouse, fait par ordre de l'Assemblée Constituante, pendant les années 1791, 1792, et pendant la 1ère et la 2e année de la République française. Paris, H.J. Jansen, An VIII [1799-1800]. 2 volumes of text in-4 (288 x 211 mm) and one large atlas in-folio (534 x 350 mm). Text: XVI, 442 pp. for volume I; 332, 113 pp. for volume II. Atlas: engraved title and 44 plates. Text in root calf, smooth ornate spine, speckled edges; atlas in fawn half-basane, smooth spine (period bindings). (restorations) Sabin, 38420; Ferguson, 307 (text) and 683 (atlas); Howgego, E26; Nissen, ZBI, 2331; Brunet, III, 711; Hill, p.168, for the English edition. First edition for text and atlas. In February 1791, the Constituent Assembly decided to send an expedition in search of La Pérouse. The expedition was entrusted to d'Entrecasteaux and Huon de Kermadec, who commanded La Recherche and l'Espérance respectively. Labillardière joined the crew as a naturalist. Passing through the Cape of Good Hope, the fleet headed for Australia, circumnavigating the continent twice, before exploring New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands, the Admiralty Islands and Tonga. The disappearance of d'Entrecasteaux and the news of Louis XVI's death led the monarchist second-in-command to interrupt the expedition in Java, where several crew members were arrested, including Labillardière, Ventenat and Piron, known for their republican ideas. Although the expedition failed to achieve its stated aim - the search for La Pérouse - Labillardière's collections and observations greatly enriched all branches of natural history. His description of the flora of the austral lands is one of the best. In addition, Labillardière gives a very interesting study of the Tongans (natives of the Isle of Friends, now Tonga Island, in the Polynesian archipelago), as well as a vocabulary of several indigenous languages such as those of Malaysia, Cape Diemen, the Isles of Friends, New Caledonia and Waygiou Island. The botanical plates are engraved after Redouté's drawings, the ornithological plates after Audebert's drawings, and the other plates after those of Piron, the expedition's draftsman. A very good copy, collated according to Ferguson.

Estim. 5 000 - 7 000 EUR

Lot 31 - LEWIS John Frederick - Lewis's Sketches of Spain & Spanish Character, made during his Tour in that Country, in the years 1833-4. Drawn on Stone from his original Sketches entirely by himself. London, Published by F.G. Moon, Printseller to the King, 20, Threadneedle Street, and John Lewis, 78, Wimpole Street. - Printed at C. Hullmandel's Lithographic Establishment, 49, Gt. Marlborough Street , [1836]. In-folio (536 x 360 mm) title, dedication leaf, and table leaf (List of Subjects), 25 lithographed plates colored at the time. Contemporary eggplant half-basin. Travel in Aquatint and Lithography 1770-1860 from the Library of J. R. Abbey ... A bibliographical catalog, volume I (1956, repr. 1972, 1991), no. 149, p. 129. First edition. Contemporary color copy. With a map of the moon The plates depict peasants, smugglers, bullfighters, brothers or buildings (churches, convents, squares, bullring, posada) - mainly in Andalusia (Granada, Seville, Sierra Nevada, Ronda, Gibraltar) but also in Madrid, Toledo and Segovia. The vignette on the title plate shows an arena after a bullfight. The list of subjects also gives the names of the owners of the original sketches at the time. After his trip to Spain, Lewis not only published this book of lithographs and Lewis's Sketches and Drawings of the Alhambra (1835), but also exhibited numerous watercolors of Spain at the Royal Academy and the Old Watercolour Society between 1833 and 1838. According to the advertisement pasted between the endpapers of the Royal Academy copy, in addition to being published in Imperial Folio (priced at £4.4s.), copies were also available "Coloured and Mounted ... in a Portfolio" (priced at £10.10s.). Quilted copy.

Estim. 6 000 - 8 000 EUR

Lot 45 - [MARINE] Liste nominale des bâtimens de tout rang composant les forces navales de la République au 1er germinal an 8 [22 mars 1800]. Manuscript. S.l., [ca. 1800], in-folio, paperback, green silk ribbons. 1 f.n.ch. (title) and 20 pp.n.ch. Established shortly after the coup d'état of 18 Brumaire (November 9, 1799), this list gives the names of the ships making up the French fleet: vessels; vessels under construction; frigates of 24, 18 and 12 calibers; frigates under construction; corvettes; brigs; brigs under construction; luggers; cutters; avisos; schooners; schooners under construction; gunboats; gunboats stationed on the ocean coasts; flutes and gabarres. For each vessel, the anonymous author indicates the number of guns and the ship's caliber, and specifies whether the ship is armed, disarmed, in armament or in refit. A summary table concludes the inventory, which lists 304 vessels. Of the 45 vessels, 6 are from the Venetian and Naples navies. Following the summary, the author adds: "Independently of this number of vessels, there are still a large number of gunboats in various ocean ports, built in year 6 for the planned raid on England. Some of these boats were temporarily armed for coastal defense, but we didn't think they should be included in this table...". This list of ships, not mentioned in Polak, appears to be unpublished. Very legible and well preserved document. [Ref. 36721] The French Navy at the beginning of the Consulate

Estim. 2 500 - 3 500 EUR

Lot 50 - La MOTTRAYE Aubry - Voyages en Europe, Asie et Afrique, ou l'on trouve une grande variété de recherches géographiques, historiques et politiques sur l'Italie, la Grèce, la Turquie, la Tartarie, Crimée, et Nogaye, la Circassie, la Suède, la Laponie, etc... avec des remarques instructives sur les moeurs, coutumes... des peuples et des païs ou l'auteur a voyagé... comme aussi des relations fidèles des évènements... A La Haye, chez T. Johnson et J. Van Duren, 1727. 2 vols. - Travels in English and French, in various provinces and places of ducal and royal Prussia, Russia, Poland, &c. Contenant un Traité de divers Ordres de chevalerie. Imprimé pour l'Auteur, Et se vend à La Haye, Adrien Moetjens; Londres, Round & Meighan; Dublin, Grierson & Bradley, 1732. 1 vol. Together 2 works in 3 volumes small in-folio, speckled calf, ornamented spines, old red title-piece and tomaison (mq three pieces, two of which need to be rebacked), antique bindings with some variants (lacks, splits, restorations and wear). Chadenat, n°105. - Tobler, p. 116. First French edition, translated from English, of Aubry de La Mottraye's (1674-1743) account of his travels in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The account by this French Protestant gentleman, exiled to London, is particularly interesting for our knowledge of Constantinople, Turkey and the Scandinavian countries. Superb engraved intaglio illustration containing, in the first edition, 2 frontispieces by Bernard Picart, a fleuron repeated on the titles, 47 plates out of text, some of them double or folding, engraved by William Hogarth, Parker, Nutting, R. Smith, etc., (ecclesiastical dignities, antiquities, pontifical and royal insignia, monuments, costumes, official parades, encampments, dwellings, mining operations, genre scenes) and 4 folding maps. First edition of Voyages en diverses provinces et places de la Prusse ducale et royale, de la Russie, de la Pologne, &c., with frontispiece and 8 plates (plate VII missing). The text of this work, printed on two columns, is in French and English.

Estim. 1 500 - 1 800 EUR

Lot 73 - ROCQUEMAUREL Gaston de - Machines. Autograph manuscript signed, S.l., 1828-[1835], small folio (29 x 19 cm), 44 pp. in leaves, in folder with title, date and signature. File illustrated with 3 out-of-text drawings, including 2 on tracing paper, and 25 in-text drawings or sketches. It consists of reading notes, articles or reports by Lemare, Lecanu, Saulnier, Derosne, Robert Stuart, Marestier (published between 1828 and 1835), 5 summaries of lessons on mechanics and dynamics by Charles Dupin, and various works on steam engines. Subjects covered include: apparatus for producing steam or heating water, on 2 steam engines delivered to the port of Brest, methods used for drying and preserving meats, preliminaries on vapors, on steam engine explosions, twisting ropes, wood strength, water wheels, suction pump, etc. Attached are 9 other autograph manuscripts by Rocquemaurel: - Tarif du gréement, nouveau commettage, arrêté en 1821. Iphigénie, December 1836, 6 pp. in-4 oblong folded. Gives the length and circumference of ropes (props, false props, cap shrouds, etc.) and other parts used in various types of vessels: ships, frigates, corvettes, brigs, flutes and jigs. - Sail making. Notes on the Astrolabe. S.l., 1826-1850, 18 pp. in various formats. Extract from a course at the Brest Naval School, illustrated with a table and 4 sketches; dimensions of the mast of the Astrolabe, a 380-ton gabare (with a plan showing its stowage and the arrangement of the barrels in the hold); sail weights of various vessels, including the frigate l'Artémise; estimate of the weights making up the armament of the Zebra. A press clipping, dated March 4, 1858, is enclosed. - Encyclopedia, marine. S.l.n.d., 2 folio quires of 31 and 8 pp.n.ch., stapled. Copy of marine articles from the Encyclopédie méthodique: cutting a ship into hulls, boarding, magnetized needle, fathoms, fire-boat, hemp, proofs of strength, grelins, ropes, making tar, hull volume, doubling ships, bomb galley, rudder, stiffness of ropes, strength of timbers, stability of a ship... - Instruction on the installation of lightning rods [and] Description of a shipwrecked rescue boat built by England. S.l., [1835], 3 pp. in-folio and 1 f. of drawings enclosed (1 p. in-4). - Mémoire sur le halage de la frégate de 52 la Calypso, à Cherbourg, by Duviel, engineer. Rochefort, April 1835, 4 pp. in-folio, plus 3 pp. of sketches. Contains numerous calculations for determining rope tension. - Reading notes from the Revue Britannique, 1825-1826. S.l.n.d. [ca. 1830], 18 pp. in-8, leaves. Canal transport, voyages to the poles, first steamship crossing from London to Calcutta, English expedition from Bengal in 1800 to fight in Egypt against the Army of the East, voyage of Ali Bey El Abassi to Africa and Asia. - System for organizing and distributing France's maritime forces within the limits of the 1843 budget. S.l.n.d., 13 pp. in-folio on 4 sheets, 3 of which double, erasures and corrections. - Budget of the British Navy for the financial year 1848-1849, and observations made by the Finance Committee of the House of Commons. In-folio of 1 f.n.ch. and 16 pp.n.ch., paperback. Contains 19 chapters and a table summarizing the use of naval appropriations. - Budget normal, Marine et Colonies. S.l.n.d. [ca. 1850], folio of 54 pp. plus 12 pp. on loose leaves and 55 blank pages, marbled paper boards, gray cloth spine [Contemporary binding]. Copy of the French naval budget for 1850, with several passages crossed out. At the end of the volume are a few copies of letters concerning China and Korea (1847-1849) and the estimate for the steam aviso La Mouette, fitted out in 1848. A former student at the Ecole Polytechnique, Gaston de Rocquemaurel (1804-1878) had been Dumont d'Urville's first mate aboard the Astrolabe during the voyage to the South Pole and Oceania from 1837 to 1840. He later became a member of parliament for Haute-Garonne. Most documents very legible and well preserved. [Ref. 26694]

Estim. 2 500 - 3 500 EUR

Lot 74 - ROCQUEMAUREL Gaston de - Proposed organization of naval forces. System for organizing and distributing France's naval forces within the limits of the 1848 budget. Paris, January 5, 1848, folio, leaves, heavy marginal foxing with missing text on first 3 ff. 1 f.n.ch. and 28 pp. autographed. A corvette captain, Rocquemaurel advocated the development of the steam-powered navy, "destined to render the greatest services in maritime warfare". This modernization is reflected in the project he presents here: Preliminaries. Constitution of the fleet. Comparison of military forces (sail and steam). Comparison of expenditure. Distribution of maritime forces. Peacetime naval armament. Maintenance and renewal of equipment. Armed vessels. Reserve divisions, or ships in port commission. Comparison of the two armament systems. Conclusion. The text is accompanied by several tables showing the number and cost of vessels (ships, frigates, corvettes, brigs, steam avisos), compared with the 1848 budget and his project. In the latter, all sailing vessels under 20 guns would be abolished and replaced by steam-powered avisos. His armament project would apply to all naval stations and ensure the protection of merchant ships; it would also provide, for the same expenditure, an increase in strength of 1,466 guns (p. 27). A former student of the École polytechnique, Gaston de Rocquemaurel (1804-1878) was Dumont d'Urville's second-in-command on the Astrolabe during the voyage to the South Pole and Oceania from 1837 to 1840. He left the service in 1862 and became deputy for Haute-Garonne. Very rare document, not mentioned in the BnF or CCFr catalogs. Missing from Polak. [Ref. 28326] A rare document not included in the Catalogue Collectif de France

Estim. 850 - 950 EUR

Lot 75 - ROCQUEMAUREL Gaston de - Notes relating to the frigate l'Iphigénie commanded by M. Costé. Autograph manuscript. S.l., May 1835, in-folio (35.1 x 22.5 cm) of 10 pp.n.ch., 1 sketch and 9 drawings in text, on 3 double leaves. Enclosed are 3 lists and 4 drawings, in various formats, on sheets. A former student of the Ecole Polytechnique, Louis François Gaston Marie Auguste de Rocquemaurel (Toulouse, 1804 - 1878) joined the French Navy in 1825. Ensign on various ships, he took part in the blockade and expedition of Algiers (1830). He subsequently sailed on the frigate Iphigénie with the Prince de Joinville (1835-1837), before serving as Dumont d'Urville's first mate on the Astrolabe during the voyage to the South Pole and Oceania (1837-1840). The manuscript contains the following data: hollow from the upper deck to the root; diameter of the foot of the foremast; distance of the transom shroud from the diametral plane; composition of the spare rudder (with a sketch); height of the platform of the hold above the 3 and 2 crates; dimensions of the boats of the vessel Le Scipion and the frigate L'Iphigénie. Following are 9 full-page ink drawings showing details and dimensions of the ship's holds: plan of the archipump and chain hoistway; plan of the sponges, chain hoistway and archipump; plan of the general store, forward powder hold and coal hold; plan of the slats in the large hold; plan of the powder hold, wine hold and large hold; plan of the large hold with the location of the crates; plan of the stern of the ship showing the wine hold as well as the staff, commander and powder bunkers aft; plan of the forward part of the ship, showing the lazarette, prison, coal, flour and powder bunkers forward; plan of the sail locker and large hatch. Enclosed: - 2 lists of supplies taken on board the frigate: salt, butter, oil, vinegar, beef, mustard, flour, sugar, coffee..., and 1 list of supplies or equipment "passed aft": cannon pieces, cannonballs, grapeshot, i.e. 3 pp. of various formats. - 2 ink drawings and 1 sketch showing the arrangement of barrels in the wine hold, and 1 ink drawing of the general store, with a handwritten legend, 4 pp. in various formats. The Iphigénie was a 60-gun frigate launched in 1827; the following year, she took part in the Morea expedition, then carried out various missions in the Mediterranean. In 1833, she took on board 169 shipwrecked crew from the Superbe between Nafplio and Toulon. The ship then carried out several campaigns in the West Indies, Brazil and the Indian Ocean, before transporting 250 convicts to New Caledonia in 1863 (source: J.M. Roche, Dictionnaire des bâtiments de la flotte de guerre française de Colbert à nos jours, t. I, p. 260). Well-preserved, highly legible documents. Provenance: personal archives of Gaston de Rocquemaurel. [Ref. 30324] Technical specifications of the Iphigénie

Estim. 850 - 950 EUR