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Lot 30 - CHARLES DE MESNY, CHEVALIER DE COLOGNE, AGENT TO THE KING OF PRUSSIA. Important and fascinating archive of around 45 documents detailing relations between France and Prussia under Louis XV and during French emigration to Germany during the Revolution. Around 110 pages to study, including: FREDERIC II, DIT LE GRAND (1712-1786), King of Prussia. -3 L.S., two with long autograph apostilles and draft replies. Potsdam, February, August and December 1768. 3 pp. in-4. The King warns his agent about gold deliveries and silver exports and makes recommendations. He admonishes him and asks him to render accounts, and sends him a passport for France and a laissez-passer, etc. -a draft reply from Charles de Mesny. -a manuscript entitled: "Négociations du Chevalier Mesny de Cologne entre la France et la Prusse au mois de Juin 1768". Wesel, Potsdam and Versailles, June to August 1768. 20 pp. in-4. Silk laces. Transcription of the correspondence between Charles de Mesny, accredited agent of the King of Prussia, and that of Frederick II, with the Duc de Choiseul, for the conclusion of commercial treaties. A fascinating work. - COLBERT, Édouard Victurnien Charles René (1754-1839). Important set of 16 L.A. Essen, 1795-1796. Approx. 50 pp. in-4. Fine seals with the famous Colbert family coat of arms. Exciting correspondence recounting various episodes of the Revolution, echoes of the moods of French émigrés. In particular, the Vendée, Quiberon and Noirmoutier. "I am waiting for news from my brother and from England to make up my mind, as the silence of Mal de Castries leaves me free to do what I think best to serve Royalty in France. Since I pointed out to him that my arrival in the Vendée without any instruction whatsoever and as a simple volunteer could be of no use, I have had no news from him [...]"; "I also regret that the Baron de Breteuil has not been called by the King [...]". "Monsieur le Duc de Bourbon, who is only passing through London, will leave on Le Robuste [...]". - CALONNE, Charles Alexandre de (1734-1802), comte d'Hannonville, former minister of Louis XVI. Set of 5 L.A.S. Coblenz and Trêves, July and August 1792. 14 pp. in-4. Calonne, alongside the King's brothers, appeals to the King of Prussia for help in dealing with "the shortage of finances of our august princes at the most important and decisive moment of their noble enterprise". The ex-minister mentions the men available for the Princes' army, loans from Holland and drafts from Russia, the diamonds of the Countess de Vergennes, thanks for the funds received, etc. - COMTE DE MINNERAYE. Set of 8 L.A.S. and one P.A. Koblenz and s.l., July to September 1792. 14 pp. in-4. Curious red or black wax seals featuring a cat with the motto "a mauvais chat mauvais rat". Discusses finances and news affecting towns where emigrants have ended up. The worst rumors are circulating: "The Army General Staff announces that we're making great strides towards Paris, but the mail from the lower rin ma fait dresser les cheveux hÿer. It announces that the king is assassinated and the queen dead [...]". To be studied. - MISCELLANEOUS Aristocrats. Passive correspondence from the Chevalier de Cologne. 10 L.S. Essen, Pirmont, Breslau, Augsburg, Vienna, s.l. September 1795 to May 1796. 11 pp. in-4 and 2 pp. in-8. Discusses alliances, finances and various considerations on the Revolution. "What do you say about the famous Vendémiaire days? It seems to me that the royalists and constitutionalists of 1791 were in too much of a hurry [...]". Expert: Madame Mathilde Lalin-Leprevost

Estim. 1 000 - 1 500 EUR

Lot 41 - RONSARD (Pierre de). Œuvres. Paris, Nicolas Buon and Samuel Tibout and Rolin Baraigne, 1604-1630. Complete composite set of Ronsard's Œuvres in 5 in-12 volumes including: - Œuvres. Paris, Nicolas Buon, 1604. Revues et corrigées par l'autheur peu avant son décès, augmentées en cette édition de plusieurs pièces non encore vues. (handwritten inscription on title page) - Les Odes. Paris, Samuel Tibout et Rolin Baraigne, 1630. second volume. Handwritten bookplates, notably of the Célestins de Marcoussis. - The first four books of the Franciade. Volume III - Le Bocage royal. Volume IV - Les eclogues et mascarades. Volume V. The elegies. Tome VI. Paris, Nicolas Buon, 1617. Handwritten bookplates Desray and Gabri. 4 works in one volume. - Les hymnes - Les poèmes. Paris, Nicolas Buon, 1609. 2 works in one volume. Crossed-out tommaison with paper reinforcement on first title page and tome huitième. Ex-libris B. Jogues. - Discours des misères de ce temps. Tome IX. - Epitaphs on various subjects. Tome X. - Recueil des sonnets, odes, hymnes, élégies et autres pièces retranchées aux éditions précédentes. Paris, Samuel Tibout et Rolin Baraigne, 1630. 2 works in one volume. Toms crossed out. Bound in full brown calf with pastiche smooth spine in the taste of early 17th-century bindings. (binding rubbed, accident to a headband). Also included: CICERON. Sententiae insigniores, et pia apophtegmata ex ducentis veteribus oratoribus. Venetiis, Ludovicus Avancius, 1559. Small in-12, bound in full vellum with contemporary smooth spine. Handwritten bookplate Josephi Falugiani. (light wetness at the end of the volume, a few annotations and marks, copy incomplete). Expert: Mr. Nicolas Asvisio

Estim. 300 - 500 EUR

Lot 72 - [ENGINEERING] Interesting set of memoirs in a large in-8 volume comprising: - Analyse du projet présenté par le Sr Perrache, approuvé par l'Administration municipale de la ville de Lyon, pour des objets de necessité, d'utilité et d'agrements publics, et autorisé par Arret du Conseil et Lettres-Patentes du Roi, du 13 octobre 1770. Handwritten annotations. Lyon, Aimé de la Roche, 1770. 12 pages. - M. Perrache's reply to a Paris financier's questions about his company. Lyon, Chavance, 1771. 18 pages. - Anonymous letter written to Sieur Perrache about his business. Lyon, Aimé de la Roche, 1770. 8 pages. - ORFFYREUS (BESSLER (Johann), dit). An Account of the Automaton, constructed by Orffyreus, in two letters, the one from Professor Gravesande to Sir Isaac Newton, the other from Baron Fischer to Dr. Desaguliers. London, s.n., 1770. 28 pages. - SMEATON (J). An Experimental Enquiry concerning the Natural Powers of Water and Wind to Turn Mills, and Other Machines, Depending on a Circular Motion. Extract from Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society, volume 51 (1759 - 1760), pages 100 to 174. Important handwritten annotations on two pages. (first three pages torn but not missing). Rare and interesting collection of engineering projects and inventions dealing with Perrache's project to redirect the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers southwards to create a new district in Lyon, which would later bear his name. It is accompanied by an account of the invention of Bessler, known as Orfyrreus, who claimed to have created a perpetual motion wheel, and a very rare article by Smeaton, considered the father of British civil engineering, on the motive power of water and wind. The latter is annotated in ink, probably by Lovell Edgeworth, who in 1771 began building a dam to divert the course of the Saone. Bound in contemporary half calf, 5-ribbed spine, red morocco title-piece. Ex-libris Richard Lovell Edgeworth. (some handwritten annotations, missing headpieces, paper missing from boards). Expert : Mr. Nicolas Asvisio

Estim. 200 - 300 EUR

Lot 73 - ROZIER (Abbé). Cours complet d'agriculture. Paris, Hôtel de Serpente, 1781-1796 (volumes 1 to 9), Paris, librairie d'éducation, an VIII-1800 (volume 10) Paris, Marchant, Drevet, Chapart, Caille Ravier, 1805 (volumes 10 to 12). 13 volumes in-4, first edition illustrated with numerous black plates off-text, including fold-outs, and tables in and off-text, some fold-outs. Complete with the tenth volume, almost entirely devoted to vines and wine, and the 2 volumes of supplements edited by Thouin after Rozier's death. An exceptional copy, enriched with a volume of documents recounting the difficulties of publishing the last volume of the Cours complet d'agriculture. When Abbé Rozier died in 1793, volume 9 remained unfinished and unpublished. It was finally printed in 1796, followed by a tenth volume in 1800 and two volumes of supplements in 1805. This volume includes a manuscript faux-title, 6 p. of manuscript table, 1 f. of subscription prospectus for the Cours complet d'Agriculture (1779) mounted on tab, a copy of a letter addressed by Huzard, veterinarian, to Cuchet, bookseller, to be included among the subscribers, Cuchet's autograph letter in reply, 1 f. printed announcing the publicaton of the first volume to subscribers by Cuchet, the printed receipt for the amount of Huzard's subscription completed and signed by Cuchet, a copy of a letter from Huzard proposing to Abbé Rozier a veterinary memoir on "Eaux aux jambes", a disease of horses, for publication in his Cours, autograph letters signed by Cuchet and Abbé Rozier giving him a favorable reply, dated 1781, the latter annotated in Huzard's hand indicating that the article had been inserted in Volume IV, pages 84-89, the printed receipt for the amount of Huzard's subscription for the second volume completed and signed by Lemoisne for Cuchet, a copy of a letter from Huzard to M. Bacher, editor of the journal de médecine, concerning the article "Catharre" by M. Thorel, published in the second volume of the Cours d'Agriculture, which is said to be a copy of one of his articles on the subject of catarrhal epizootics, a copy of a letter from Huzard to M. Mongez, editor of the Journal de Physique, on the same subject, the printed receipt for Huzard's subscription for the third volume, completed and signed by Lemoisne for Cuchet (1783), Cuchet's printed circular letter to subscribers asking them to pay in advance the amount of subscriptions due to the fire in his stock of books (April 25, 1783), printed circular letter from Cuchet to subscribers announcing the publication of the fourth volume, printed receipts for subscription amounts and circular letters for the publication of volumes 5 to 8, annotated by hand "Huzard imp. lib. rue de l'éperon"; a printed memorandum for citizen A. J. Dugour, homme de lettres et libraire, propriétaire du Cours d'Agriculture, par Rozier, contre les citoyens Leroy, frères, libraires à Lyon, contrefacteurs dudit COurs d'Agriculture (20 pages), pièces justificatives - 7 et 8 Thermidor [1798] (36 pages), premier mémoire et consultations pour le citoyen Leroy servant de réponse au mémoire publié contre lui sous le nom d'A.J. Dugour, annotated "Huzard" (48 pages, 1799), a printed extract from the chronique universelle of 27 Pluviose an 7 concerning the trial (4 pages, 1799), Consultation du citoyen Dugour contre les citoyens Leroy (92 pages, 1799), Second mémoire pour le citoyen Leroy contre le citoyen A. Jeudy-Dugour (40 pages, 1799), Réplique pour le citoyen Leroy, contre le citoyen Dugour, par le citoyen Reyre (56 pages), Résumé de l'affaire du citoyen Leroy contre le citoyen Jeudi-Dugour (2 pages), Réfutation de quelques principes d'agriculture avancés par MM. de Buffon, Condorcet et de Rosier, par M. Defage-Chazeau, président du canton de Pont-Saint-Esprit, département du Gard. Paris, de l'imprimerie de Charles, an XIII - 1805 (20 pages), announcement of publication of volumes XI and XII of the Cours complet d'agriculture (2 pages, 1805), Extrait du Magasin encyclopédique concernant le Cours complet d'agriculture, volumes XI and XII (March 1806 issue, 20 pages). Probably a copy by Jean-Baptiste Huzard, an eminent French veterinarian who was president of the Académie des Sciences in 1815. A great bibliophile, he was renowned for his research into documents relating to major scientific works. In particular, Huzard was appointed by the Commission d'Agriculture et des Arts to travel to Lyon in search of Rozier's manuscripts. In this volume, several of the memoirs bear his name in ink, his letters are copied and the original letters addressed to him are mounted on laid paper. Attached unbound: 2 handwritten testimonies in the L

Estim. 800 - 1 200 EUR