A LARGE LATE 19TH CENTURY SOLID SILVER WINE COOLER, FRENCH, C. 1890 the champagne magnum cooler or ice bucket in the Neo-Classical style, with a chased stylised leaf design and with a a pair of leaf bordered cartouches, the upper and lower rim of the Cooler is embellished with a classic bead border, with a French Hallmark with the letters MH. Approx. Weight - 1804g / 58.01oz Approx. Height - 28cm Approx. Diameter at Rim - 22.4cm Approx. Diameter 24.6cm This Wine Cooler is in excellent condition with no damage. Use this link for a bespoke instant shipping estimate to your location: https://app.thepackengers.com/en/product_widgets/tsCt0xsI5j/destination/new

london, United Kingdom