Ambras, Tirol. – E. V. Sacken. Ambras, Tyrol - E. V. Sacken. The K.K. Ambras Col…

Ambras, Tirol. – E. V. Sacken.

Ambras, Tyrol - E. v. Sacken. The K.K. Ambras Collection. 1st and 2nd part in one volume. Vienna, Braumüller, 1855. VI, 300, 278 pp. Front. and a total of 3 plates. Hlwd. Lipperh. Ra 23 (part 1). Stark, p.151: "Only a few items remained there in Ambras, the others were transferred to Vienna" (with reference to the present title). - Part 1 lists the armory, part 2 the Kunst- und Wunderkammern with library. - The main parts of the collection were transferred to Vienna in 1806, where the weapons were united with the Imperial Armory around 1889 to form the largest collection of weapons in the Western world. This historical description was followed in 1862 by a volume of plates on the Ambras weapons.

Ambras, Tirol. – E. v. Sacken.

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