A Burmite Amber fossil specimen containing a red bird from the age of the dinosaurs, with accompanying certificate from AGL Thai Laboratory No. 0034516 This very transparent golden amber has the remains of a wonderfully preserved winged creature with feathers ranging from a metallic copper to a scarlet red pigment giving this animal the most aesthetically beautiful vivid red colour. The bird is 100% complete with long lanky legs each having four long thin toes and the wings have 3 fingered claws mid-wing and also hook shaped talons at the end of the wings. The bird has fine single filaments on its body, and feathers on its wings and legs. It also has a tail reminiscent of a real dragon's tail. The most beautiful thing about this bird is how it changes colour and reveals different layers under different lighting conditions as shown in this series of photos taken with a mobile phone. Birds when found in amber are usually tiny flat pancake birds and never are they found as large and clean as this fully 3-dimensional one. This unique prehistoric bird in amber comes with a lab verification report from AGL lab report number 0034516. 99 million years old (Cretaceous) Origin: Hukawng Valley, Myanmar (Burma) Weight: 72.240 grammes / 361.22 carats Dimensions: 64.00 x 51.10 x 35.46mm Further detailed images available upon request

billingshurst, United Kingdom

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