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Italian school; 18th century. "Martyrdom of Saint Peter Arbués". Oil on canvas. Re-tinted. It presents restorations. It conserves its period frame. Measurements: 65 x 49 cm; 81 x 64 cm (frame). Pedro de Arbués, also known as Pedro de Arbués (c. 1441 - 17 September 1485) was a Spanish Roman Catholic priest and professed Augustinian canon. He served as an officer of the Spanish Inquisition until he was murdered in the Cathedral of La Seo in Zaragoza in 1485 allegedly by Jews and converts. Veneration for him came quickly through popular acclaim. His death greatly aided Inquisitor General Tomás de Torquemada's campaign against heretics and Jews. Pedro de Arbués was born in Épila in the region of Zaragoza, studied philosophy perhaps in Huesca but then travelled to Bologna on a scholarship to the Spanish College of San Clemente which was part of the college of Bologna. He obtained his doctorate in 1473 while serving as a professor of moral or ethical philosophy studies. On his return to Spain he became a member of the cathedral chapter of canons regular at La Seo where he made his religious profession in 1474. Around this time, Ferdinand and Isabella had obtained from Pope Sixtus IV a papal bull to establish in their kingdom a tribunal to search for heretics, the Inquisition having been established for the first time in Spain in Aragon, 14th century, to counter the heresy of Catharism. On 14 September 1485, Pedro was attacked in the cathedral while kneeling before the altar and wearing armour because he knew that his work posed great risks. Despite wearing a helmet and chain mail under his tunic, he died of his wounds on 17 September. His remains were buried in a special chapel dedicated to him.

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