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L'ASSIETTE AU BEURRE, 118 issues between 1906 and 1908. L'Assiette au Beurre was a weekly periodical that satirized and attacked the bourgeoisie and government institutions, while tackling various social and political issues of the Belle Époque. Each issue was illustrated by a single artist. Covers by : 1906 - 51 issues Villemot, Grandjouan, A Roubille, Iribe/Camara, Fourment, Galentura, Barrere, Hermann paul, Grandiouan/Delannoy/Naudin (various), Radiguet, Grandiouan, Wagner (various), Radiguet, Grandiouan, Villemot, Vadaz, Hermann Paul, Carlegle, Camara, Valéry Muller, Poulbot, Ibels, Camara, Naudin, Guydo, Bernard, Flores, Grandiouan, Gallo, Flores/Poulbot, Villemot, Radiguet, Radiguet, Galanis, Grandjouan, Galantara (various), Iribe, Camara, Poulbot/Florès, Grandiouan, Kirchner/ Jozsa, Camara / Radiguet, Malteste, Tossol (various), Camara, Galanis, Grandjouan 1907 - 49 issues Radiguet, Jossol, Naudin, Berger, Ostoya, Delannoy, Kirchner, Naudin, Grandiouan (various), Jossol, Galanis, Galanis, Camara, Hermann Paul, Jossol, Savignol, Grandjouan, Bernard, Poulbot, Grandiouan, Jossol (various), Galantara, Flores, Ostova, Delannoy, Barcet, Jossol, Grandiouan, Hermann Paul, Radiguet, Galanis, Naudin, Flores, Delannoy, Kirchner, Plumer, Jossol, Grandjouan, Radiguet, Jossol (various), Almerevda, Bernard, Brunner, Grandjouan 1908 - 18 issues Villemot, Radiguet, Poulbot, Illero, Bernard, Radiguet, Delannoy, Delannoy, (various), (various), Grandiouan, Delannoy, Helle, (various), Poulbot, Grandiouan, Radiguet, Poncet (Lot as is - some issues damaged)

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