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Papa Giovanni XXIII (Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli - Sotto il Monte, 25 novembre 1881 – Città del Vaticano, 3 giugno 1963) - Imposing embossed leather frame with a hand-painted, but not completed, parchment containing the papal coat of arms of Pope John XXIII. The parchment in the center of the upper short side bears the coat of arms of Pope John XXIII (in red, with a silver band, with a closed natural tower with black windows crossing the whole and joined at the top by two silver lilies, with patriarchal head of Venice: of silver, to the passing winged lion, watching and nimbato, holding with the front right branch an open book bearing the inscription PAX TIBI MARCE EVANGELISTA MEUS, all in gold) and all around a frame of leaves and sprouts colored in shades of blue, pink, green and orange, with gold-colored details in relief, which combines 4 applications embossed on round leather plaques with gold-colored frame, depicting the Roman basilicas of St. Peter with masterly architectural details, San Giovanni in Laterano, Santa Maria Maggiore and San Paolo Outside the Walls. The parchment is signed at the bottom left "E. VILLA" - The parchment was probably prepared to then be completed by a photograph of the Pontiff with the addition of his "dedication and signature" to be sent to some faithful for a particularly important event or for an apostolic blessing. Parchment in excellent condition, frame with signs of aging and small missing parts of leather, contemporary glass. Measurement of the frame approximately 61x76 cm, the parchment approximately 42x58 cm

Stima 500 - 600 EUR