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Lot 28 - Carracci, Annibale ; Poussin, Nicolas ; Raphael ; Goeree, Jan ; Cortona, Pietro da ; del Vaga, Perino ; da Vinci, Leonardo ; Parme, Julien de - DA VINCI, Leonardo; RAPHAEL; DEL VAGA, Perino; CARRACCI, Annibale; DA CORTONA, Pietro; GOEREE, Jan; POUSSIN, Nicolas; DE PARME, Julien (after) 9 ivory miniatures after drawings in the collection of the Prince de Ligne. 18th c Watercolour on ivory, 5,1 x 5,1 to 8,5 x 5,4 cm (visible), unsigned, identifying inscriptions, each followed by "de la Collection du Prince Charles de Ligne." (few cracks, few sm. losses, few sm. parts missing). Good condition. In gilt metal, ornamental frames. Extraordinary ensemble. Exceptional ensemble of ivory miniatures in grisaille, each representing a drawing in the collection of Prince Charles-Joseph-Emmanuel de Ligne (1759-1792). He was the son of Charles-Joseph (1735-1814), 7th Prince de Ligne, and thus born into one of the few princely families in present-day Belgium. He was an officer in the Austrian army, an amateur printmaker and a major collector of old master drawings in the time of Adam Bartsch (1757-1821). The latter produced the auction catalogue of his prominent collection after his early death in combat. The miniatures mostly represent figure studies and mythological themes after great Italian masters, i.e. Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Perino del Vaga, Annibale Carracci and Pietro da Cortona, but also after Jan Goeree, Nicolas Poussin and 2 after Julien de Parme. The set was probably commissioned by the Prince de Ligne to have a nice display of the highlights in his drawings collection. Unique set at the crossroads of art and art history. With CITES certificate. Ref. Lugt 592. - Xavier Duquenne, "Le prince Charles de Ligne graveur (1759-1792)", in: In Monte Artium. Journal of the Royal Library of Belgium 2 (2009), pp. 105-130.

Estim. 3 000 - 4 000 EUR