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Denis De Gloire

Denis De Gloire (1959 Belgium) PUR GOLD ▫️ Acrylic on canvas ▫️ 110 x 80 x 8 cm ▫️ 2020, Belgium ▫️ Signed on reverse ___________________ ABOUT THE ARTIST Denis De Gloire uses inspiration in his own way, proceeding where Pollock must have left off. He takes advantage of the means and techniques of our modern age. Pollock worked with oil paint, whereas Denis De Gloire can use acrylics, which dry immediately and therefore allow him to work safely with the dripping technique. This is what we call action painting: Action painting. ___________________ ACTION VS. GEOMETRIC PAINTING In addition to action painting, Denis prefers to work with geometric forms. These works are as colorful as the artist himself! Geometric and dripping sound like opposites, but in the end, both have to do with order and precision. It's the impact that makes the difference. ___________________ ARTIST'S STATEMENT Denis De Gloire: "I'm not an artist, I make paintings".

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Denis De Gloire

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