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Silver jug, Germany late 18th century

Poids total 15,1 oz, 9x6.2x3.1 in.

Silver coffee pot with stove, London 1911

Poids total 40,3 oz., 13,3x7,8x7,8 in.

Silver two-handle cup, first quarter 19th century

Poids total 34.5 oz., 12.2x10.6x5.5 in.

Small silver tureen and stand, Vienna 1840

Poids total 38.7 oz., 6.4x8.6x8.6 in.

Pair of silver ecuelles, France 19th century

Poids total 75,2 oz, 3,9x12,5x7,4 in.

Silver flat top Tankard, London 1693

Poids total 22.7 6.8x7.8x5.1 in.

Silver coffee pot, Bologna second half of the 18th century

Poids total 29,2 oz, 12,5x8,2x5,1 in.

Silver puerperal cup, Turin mid-19th century

Poids total 26,5 oz, 3,5x11,8x6,6 in.

Model of the Port of Manhattan in silver, London first half 20th century

Watermark Associated Dimensions 10.8x18.7x14.9 in.

Silver jug and basin with gilded parts, first half of the 18th century

Fabrication allemande, Ausburg Poids total 37.2 oz., 7.4x15.5x11.4 in.

Pair of silver oval shaped tureens, London 1804

Poids total 147,9 oz, 12,2x16,5x8,2 in. Chacun

Tuscan silver coffee pot, last quarter 18th century

Poids total 34 oz., 13.3x10.2x5.5 in.