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Drouot Press For more than four centuries, the French tradition of public auction house sales of fine furnishings has been offering unique guarantees in the professional world and security in transactions. The bids are called public because they are accessible to all: whether as a spectator, a bidder or a buyer. Through the auction sale the "just price" of an object can be reached, thanks to the transparent and public confrontation of offers and demands. This equally gives a unique opportunity to discover the art market and to learn how to look at objects.
500,000 objects
sold each year
5,000 visitors / day
2 sale sites
Contact 9, rue Drouot
75009 Paris - France
Drouot to your service Mathilde FENNEBRESQUE + 33 (1) 48 00 20 42
Adélaïde STEPHAN + 33 (1) 48 00 20 37
Auréline FOUQUET + 33 (1) 48 00 20 23

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